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Better End Crystals | Control end crystal beams and reprogram end gateways!

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Galdeveer avatar Galdeveer
Level 41 : Master Wisp
Do you want to control where an end crystal's beam points? How about using that beam to control where an end gateway teleports to? Well, this is the pack for you!

Hit a target block with a channeling trident to have a nearby end crystal target the center of the block closest to the trident's handle. The beam will continue to target those coordinates even after the trident is gone. If the end crystal is above an end gateway (like in the thumbnail) then it will reprogram the end gateway to now teleport things to where the beam is targeting.
If you make the end crystal's beam target a lightning rod or end rod, the end crystal and its beam will glow. You can change the color of the glow by right-clicking a bell near the end crystal. You can set the end gateway to use the non-exact teleportation mode by right-clicking it with a chorus fruit (do it again to change it back).

Cosmetic Features
When bedrock is lit on fire it now becomes soul fire to make the fire under end crystals more appealing. When you place an end crystal on top of an end gateway it will become the variant of end crystal that has a base. When a lightning rod is used to make an end crystal glow, it converts the lightning rod to a pure white variant.

Additional technical features
If the end crystal was given a target to point its beam at before it was above the end gateway (such as being pushed above the gateway by a piston) then you can right-click the end crystal with a channeling trident to update the end gateway. This is useful for bypassing the limited range at which an end crystal can detect a trident through the use of channeling the beam at the location and then pushing the end crystal to the end gateway you wish to use with a flying machine. The end crystal will detect the end gateway if it is either directly above the top bedrock block of the end gateway or one block higher. This is to help deal with the tendency for end crystals to explode when pushed directly above a block by a piston.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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v1.0.2 : by Galdeveer 12/11/2022 3:48:52 amDec 11th, 2022

Fixed skin loading issue with author advancement
Updated author advancement skin
Updated datapack advancement description
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12/08/2022 1:36 pm
Level 23 : Expert Miner
Seb_Semos avatar
How far for the cristal can you put the target block?
12/08/2022 8:19 pm
Level 41 : Master Wisp
Galdeveer avatar
The crystal needs to start at least within 80 blocks, but then you can push it farther using a flying machine. Once its over an endgateway you can sync it with the end gateway by right clicking the end crystal with the channeling trident (don't hold right click long enough to throw it).
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