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NinjaSnail1080 avatar NinjaSnail1080
Level 55 : Grandmaster Programmer
This datapack adds more functionality to lightning. In vanilla Minecraft, there are five different things lightning can do if it strikes a certain mob: spawn a skeleton horse trap, turn a pig into a zombie piglin, charge a creeper, turn a villager into a witch, and switch mooshroom types.

My datapack adds 12 more functions to lightning, listed below.

The new features added by this datapack
  • If lightning strikes a tree, the logs become stripped logs, similar to how in real life lightning can blow the bark off of tree trunks (credit).
  • Sand and red sand turn into clear glass when struck.
  • If soul sand is struck, it turns into black stained glass and 3 vexes spawn (to represent the supposed souls that were trapped inside the sand).
  • If a slime block is struck, it comes back to life as a medium slime.
  • If a flower is struck, it turns into a wither rose.
  • Charged creepers receive indefinite fire resistance (to make it less likely for them to die before you can get to them).
  • Entities struck by lightning receive blindness for a few seconds and weakness for 2 minutes (unless they're one of the entities mentioned in this list).
  • If a pig is struck it turns into a zoglin instead of a zombie piglin, because it makes more sense for it to turn into a creature that looks like a mutated pig, instead of some pig/human hybrid thing like the piglins.
  • If a horse gets struck, there's a 50/50 chance of it turning into either a skeleton horse or a zombie horse (they'll already be tamed, and now there's finally a way to get zombie horses in survival).
  • If a zombie gets struck it turns into an unarmed skeleton (credit).
  • If a skeleton or a stray gets struck while under the wither effect, it turns into a wither skeleton armed with a bow.
    I thought it was too OP for them to just turn into wither skeletons, so I added a condition that they have to be under the wither effect. To remove that condition, change
    @e[type=#minecraft:skeletons, nbt={ActiveEffects:[{Id:20b}]}, distance=..3]to
    @e[type=#minecraft:skeletons, distance=..3]
  • If an iron golem is struck it becomes charged, gaining speed, strength, and fire resistance for 30 seconds (credit).

Some of the above features may be controversial, and people might not want some of them. So, I made it extremely easy to turn off any things that people don't want. All you have to do is open up "data/bl/functions/main.mcfunction" in a text editor and delete any code blocks that you don't want. The code blocks are clearly labeled so you know exactly which one does what ("code blocks" is probably a weird term to use, but idk what else to call it)

If you have any more ideas for features that I should add, leave suggestions in the comments.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.18

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by NinjaSnail1080 09/26/2021 7:57:36 pmSep 26th, 2021

  • Changed pack_format to 7 for 1.17+

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02/09/2022 6:30 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Explorer
Temporal Dilation Boi
Temporal Dilation Boi avatar
damn this is exactly what i have been looking for! big thank
08/23/2020 12:39 amhistory
Level 29 : Expert Princess
Kate1902019 avatar
I wish lightning will turn the zombie piglin back to a regular pig. Because I hate zombie piglins. I want pigs.
And I don't want an iron golem to be stronger because those golems are bad. Snow golems are way better then iron golems.
The reason why iron golems are bad is because they kill a tiny slimes(even though they do not damage players), snow golems, cute girl mobs(from http://www.mediafire.com/file/irr3g6y7urevvl8/Cute_Monster_Girls.zip/file), players(even the player who create them), zombie villagers(I am trying to cure), and even giants(even though they have no AI and they are harmless).
08/24/2020 3:59 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Programmer
NinjaSnail1080 avatar
Like I said, you can easily turn off any feature you want by opening "data/bl/functions/main.mcfunction" in a text editor and deleting any code block you don't want. The code blocks are clearly labeled so you know exactly which one does what.
10/14/2021 7:04 am
Level 29 : Expert Princess
Kate1902019 avatar
07/28/2020 7:26 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Engineer
PolyBit avatar
07/08/2020 10:34 pm
Level 26 : Expert Architect
EchocallingEarth avatar
Just letting you you have a small issue with your datapacks.
Its a minor thing and probably many ignore it but hey it's best to know in advance

[22:25:19] [main/WARN]: ResourcePack: ignored non-lowercase namespace: .DS_Store in .\world\datapacks\better-lightning-e1770.zip

I'll let you know on each one separately. so you know which ones I have confirmed
07/08/2020 10:55 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Programmer
NinjaSnail1080 avatar
.DS_Store is an invisible file that macOS creates inside all new folders. If it doesn't affect anything then there's not really any point in doing something about it. Also, aren't you supposed to extract the zip file?
07/09/2020 12:10 am
Level 26 : Expert Architect
EchocallingEarth avatar
I did extract the files. The DS file is in the extracted folders as well. Not a big deal so anyways.. next. Thanks for at least letting me know.
07/09/2020 1:16 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Programmer
NinjaSnail1080 avatar
I got confused because the log said "better-lightning-e1770.zip", which made me think you didn't extract it
06/23/2020 12:24 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Scribe
AbsurdDreamz avatar
A neat concept I like it.
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