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[APRIL FOOLS!] BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack 2

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Cavinator1 avatar Cavinator1
Level 82 : Elite Programmer

Hope you have as much fun checking out this datapack as I did putting it together! The real and OG BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack will be the one to continue receiving updates as normal.

I will leave this joke version up so that everybody can still download it and check it out.

BlazeandCave’s Advancements Pack 2 is one of the last advancement packs ever created (as of the date this was posted). It expands upon everything that was great about its predecessor by adding even crazier advancements as well as giving all those useless trophies a purpose and adding a few other highly-requested features.

The current version requires you to use snapshot 21w08b because Mojang broke custom fonts in all later snapshots.

New features:

General features:

- All tab icons are the same item (a diamond) to promote tab equality and stop tab discrimination.

- Added the following advancements: “Ok, boomer”, “Then you took an arrow to the knee”, “Alohomora!”, “Transformers: Age of Wizardry”, “Voldemort”, “Brick Rolled”, “These might be Steve's”, “Screw the Nether”, “Easiest Boss Fight Ever”, “Chestful of Netherite Blocks”, “Celestial Protocol”, “To The Moon”.

- “Aww Man!” has a bunch of other advancements extolling the rest of the song added in one big branch.

- Renamed the Adventure tab to the “STONKS!” tab.

- Renamed some of the villager-related advancements to things relating to “STONKS!”

- Renamed “The way to spawn” to “Do you know da wae” and changed the icon to Ugandan Knuckles’s head.

- “Time to Dig!” is now called “Time to dig…” and when you get it the Silver Queen spawns.

- “Artillery” is renamed to “Fartillery” and you now get a Fart Gun as a trophy.

- Holding the Fart Gun will cause brown particles to emit in front of you that instantly kill any mob unlucky enough to inhale the fumes. A future update will make mobs that don’t have noses immune to the Fart Gun.

- Also added trophies for “Blackstonehenge”, “Justice”, “Deep Slate Nine” and changed the one for “Monsters Milestone”.

- When you complete “Pupil Poppers”, an anvil will spawn above your head.

- When you complete “Demolitions Expert”, TNT will spawn on you until you die.

- When you complete “Blackout” you now get permanent blindness until you die.

- When you complete “Lilypad Hatter”, a Big Dripleaf will be forcibly placed in your head slot (overwriting whatever is already there), hence giving you a lilypad hat of your own.

- When you complete “Deep Slate Nine”, you get blessed with quality.

- When you obtain diamonds, it feels more rewarding.

- When you tame a dog, you now instead get an advancement named “D.O.G.” with the description “You are no god… but I shall feast upon your essence regardless!”

- Every chest loot table is now guaranteed to contain a “Loot Stick” labelled with the chest type it came from.

- “Jumping Jacks” now requires 10,000 jumps when it should be 100,000 jumps. This was unfixed in BlazeandCave’s Advancements Pack 2, make sure you have updated!

- The root of the “Animals” tab now requires you to get a stack of both bee hives and bee nests at every honey level, because I add everything VoltyMn suggests.

- Zombies now all randomly spawn holding either a rock, paper, or shears.

- If you hit a mob in such a way that you win “Rock Paper Shears”, that mob will instantly die. However, be aware the same can happen to you!

- Piglins now more closely resemble anime girls. They no longer accept gold, instead they only accept flowers, and gifting them will result in them giving you love.

- All zombified piglins are now Tribal Snouts from Assassin of Steve 2. The advancement “The Tribal Snouts” also has had its description changed to “Kill a Tribal Snout”.

- When you kill a Zoglin you get Zork Chops instead of rotten flesh.

- Endermites now mature into the Ender Dragon after two minutes of existence, giving more credence to the description of “Ender Worm”.

- All Glow Squids are removed from the world. In their place are Iceologers that are specially equipped for ruining speedruns.

- Carved Pumpkins will refuse to stick around because it’s not Halloween.

New Magic Spells:

- Hitting a mob with a stick (which grants “Expelliarmus”) will cause them to drop whatever item they are holding in their hand and also cause particles to shoot out.

- Sticks that have been named certain Harry Potter spells will create their desired effect when held.

-- Alohomora will open up any door (except iron ones, this will be fixed in version 2.5).

-- Vera Verto will transform any mob into a random other mob (needs testing).

-- Accio will cause all item entities in the world to be brought straight to you (rebalancing and item specification additions (e.g. Accio Diamond) will be coming in version 2.7).

-- Avada Kedavra will instantly kill any mob. If you try to use it on a baby Villager named “Harry Potter” you will instantly die and gain the “Voldemort” advancement.

-- Upcoming spells: Wingardium Leviosa, Expecto Patronum, and more as the community and Harry Potter nerds demand.

Overhauled all of the milestone advancements to be easier to get:

-- When you get “Getting Wood” you also get “Advancement Legend”.

-- “Mining Milestone” has been renamed to “Mining Minestone” and is obtained along with “Stone Age”

-- “Building Milestone” has been renamed to “Bellding Milestone” and is obtained when you ring a bell.

-- “Farming Milestone” has been renamed to “Farting Milestone” and is obtained upon firing the Fart Gun (the new trophy from the renamed Artillery).

-- “Animals Milestone” has been renamed to “Anime Milestone” and is obtained upon giving a total of 100 flowers to one anime girl.

-- “Monsters Milestone” has been renamed to “Monsters Inc. Milestone” and is obtained upon placing a block of lime wool.

-- “Weaponry Milestone” has been renamed to “Weapon-REEEEE Milestone” and requires you to name a sword “REEEEE!”

-- “Biomes Milestone” has been renamed to “Biomes Milesgone” and is obtained similar to “Kilometre Walk” but after walking one mile from 0,0.

-- “Adventure Milestone” has been renamed to “UBER STONKS” and requires you to fill your inventory with emerald blocks.

-- “Redstone Milestone” has been renamed to “Redstone Redstone” and is achieved upon obtaining Redstone Redstone instead of Redstone.

-- “Enchanting Milestone” has been renamed to “Chanting Milestone” and requires you to join the Cult of Cave by wearing his head.

-- “Statistics Milestone” is still the same, but all distance-based statistics advancements have been converted to miles.

-- “Nether Milestone” has been renamed to “Nether Minediamond” and is one of the ‘congratulatory’ advancements obtained upon mining diamonds (mentioned above).

-- “Potions Milestone” has the same name but it requires you to get hit by a mob with every effect. All I’ll say is, LogicalGeekBoy is a genius.

-- “End Milestone” has the same name but it requires you to kill a baby turtle, a witch, a phantom, an elder guardian and a piglin brute with one piercing arrow in The End.

-- “Super Challenges Milestone” is renamed to “Endgame Milestone” and has the description ‘Snap your fingers and correct the universe’.

Some of the trophies actually function now:

-- Holding the Golem Kit will summon an Iron Golem. It has a cooldown of one minute.

-- Holding the Mayor’s Throne will spam a hyperlink in chat (which leads to the mumbo for mayor song).

-- Getting shot by any projectile while wearing the Cowboy Hat will make it fall off your head.

-- The Super Rod will now catch Pokemon instead of fish.

-- Hitting a mob with Stormbreaker will cause it to summon lightning. This works no matter the current weather pattern.

-- Holding TARS allows you to set all of his settings including Trust, Honesty, and of course Humour.

-- The Singularity now sucks in everything around it when dropped on the ground.

-- Holding the Corrupted Beacon emits a giant death ray.

-- Each of the Infinity Stones have their own unique effects when held.

-- Putting the Infinity Gauntlet in the middle (fifth) slot of your hotbar and then all of the Infinity Stones in the three slots to the left and three slots to the right (in the order that Thanos obtained them in) enables you to unlock the full power of the universe.

- Added Herobrine.

- Changed “Serious Dedication”.


The installation method is almost exactly the same way as the original datapack. If you don’t know how to install the datapack, then go to the nether!

In addition, you will need to install the required resource pack. It comes with the main datapack download, but you can also download the resource pack on its own here.


Come to think of it, the configuration is the same too.


If you have any problems with this datapack, make sure you’re on the right snapshot.

If you want to get into creative mode but it keeps putting you in survival, run this command:
/tag @s add no_forced_gamemode

Serious Warning:

Do not use this datapack on a server unless you trust everyone on it.
I say this because the Reality Stone puts you into creative mode (so that reality can be whatever you want), which could cause players to seriously break or grief some servers.

I take no responsibility for servers ruined due to not taking this into account.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

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end milestone is impossible (the brute bruh)
05/27/2022 5:13 am
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The /advancement command can help XD
07/14/2021 10:51 pm
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i'm from the future uwu
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im from the future of the future 7 hoirs apart :o
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i'm back- 5 hours after you
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