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Blood Demon Origin - Origins (Fabric)

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Required Resource Pack
Overgrown's Avatar Overgrown
Level 75 : Legendary Botanist
Based on many different animes and characters and with about 2 months in the making. Blood Demon is one of the origins that has gone through MANY changes. This Origin was originally started almost 2 years ago now by my best friend, Shepherd, who unfortunately passed away from cancer a few months ago. He made this Origin for his wife, Crimson, and she recently got into coding as a hobby and to feel closer to him.

She asked me to help with some powers and other technical stuff but most of the coding is done by her. This version of the Origin was made with the intent of being a public release as is Crimson's request to honor and continue her husband's legacy as programming was his favorite hobby. Major props to her for coding such a complicated Origin and for being her first Origin. I hope you guys enjoy, we both worked really hard to make sure it was as bug free as possible and to make sure it lived up to the high standards Shepherd had set with the original prototypes.

I hope you are resting well, my friend.

Blood Demon datapack is made for the fabric mod, Origins. You must have it for this pack to work. This datapack also uses custom resource textures provided by the resource pack, make sure you have it installed before use.

This Pack Adds:
- Custom Origin
- Custom Advancements

Origin Detail:

Icon: Weeping Vines
Impact: remove_circleremove_circleremove_circle
Description: A demonic creature with a thirst for blood. Blood Demons are powerful entities that gain power by feasting on the corpse of their victims, allowing them to gain powerful skills and abilities using their fast movements and maneuvers.

Custom Advancements:
- Blood Demon (Root): Selecting the Blood Demon as your Origin will grant you this advancement.
- Demonization: Kill 60 mobs or players.
- A Thirst for Blood: Kill 100 mobs or players

Positive check_circle:

- Acrobatics: Become more agile than what is naturally possible. (Blood Level: 1+)
  • Earning one "Blood Point" will allow you to take no fall damage.
- Haemokinetics: Use blood as a form of attack. (Blood Level: 1+) [​On Hit]
  • With an empty hand, project blood in a way that allows you to cut through matter from a distance, damaging mobs or players in a ten-block radius.
- Seeing Red: Blood makes you stronger. (Blood Level: 1+)
  • Gaining more blood will make your melee attacks deal more damage, with a Blood Level of ten making you three times more powerful.
- Thermovariance: You can make blood temperature increase to boiling point. (Blood Level: 10+) [​Primary]
  • You can fry people's organs and blood, burning them up from the inside out. You paralyze them and make them ill for a few seconds as the blood reaches its boiling point before, they get set ablaze.
- Crimson Binding: Bind your targets using your own blood. (Blood Level: 20+) [​Secondary]
  • Shoot out a whirl of blood that you shape and use it to bind enemies, immobilizing them instantly. Maximum reach is ten blocks.
- Child Of the Dark: You become more resistant. (Blood Level: 40+)
  • You get Resistance in Light Levels of I or below.
- Haemopotent Regeneration: Use blood to heal wounds. (Blood Level: 40+)
  • You get Regeneration at night.
- Spirit Speed: You gain a speed boost. (Blood Level: 60+)
  • During the night, you move faster but only when sprinting.
- Trail of Blood: You can transform into organic blood. (Blood Level: 80+) [​Load Toolbar Activator]
  • You become invulnerable and transform you a ball of dripping blood that is able to move around in the sky for a short moment. If you are in the Nether or of its Nighttime it lasts longer, Mobs and Players that are near you suffer the following:
- Slowness X (6 Seconds)
- Nausea (6 Seconds)
- Weakness V (6 Seconds)

- Piercing Blood: Compress and shoot out blood that's capable of reaching the speed of sound. (Blood Level: 100) [​Pick Item]
  • After compressing and condensing your blood to the limit, you can fire the now reinforced blood to deal critical damage to entities.
- Wall Run: You can run and jump off walls. The jump is togglable. [​Save Toolbar Activator]


- Slide: You can slide, allowing you to pass through one block gaps. [​Sprinting + Sneak]

- Blood Manipulation: You can manipulate blood beyond its form or motion. Body temperature, pulse rate, the number of red blood cells, blood composition... It's all under your control.
  • You have a "Blood Level" which increases with every kill. The higher your Blood Level, the more abilities you gain. You are still susceptible to attacks though, getting hit will cause you to lose one Blood Point. While getting hit by an entity with Smite, will cause a Bleeding effect which drains your Blood Bar more quickly. Each ability requires blood to use, if no blood is found, it will take your health as an alternative.
- Soul Snatcher: Your body is weak without blood. In order to insure you are at your strongest, you take the life of other's and use it for yourself.
  • Unable to heal naturally, killing will not only heal you, but you also steal your victim's life, effectively giving you more health. Bear in mind, you will lose one life per death.
- Banished: Your home is in the underworld where the rest of the ghouls and demons hide.
  • Your natural spawn is the Nether, specifically: The Crimson Forest.
- Blood Sense: You can sense the presence of blood in any living subject.
  • You are aware of the circulatory system of other beings, allowing you to detect the following:
- Status Effects (Purple)
- Alignment:
-- Hostile (Red)
-- Neutral (Yellow)
-- Passive (Green)
- Distance (Visual)

Bear in mind that this doesn't work on non-living beings or in those who have no blood. (e.g., Skeletons, Snow Golems, Vexes, etc.)

- Demon Physiology: You possess the traits, attributes, and characteristics of a demon.
  • You have red skin which comes more transparent the darker it gets.
- Voracious: You are unable to eat food and if you did, it would provide no benefit and no way to silence the ache and hunger for blood. [​Sneak + Right Click]
  • You lose hunger a lot quicker. With an empty hand, you extract blood from mobs, damaging them and providing you with saturation. Taking their blood makes them Anemic for a short time, providing the following effects:
- Fatigue (3 Seconds)
- Weakness (3 Seconds)
- Nausea (3 Seconds)

  • Keep in mind that different mobs provide different blood types which can end up damaging you more than them.
Negative remove_circle:

- Exiled: You are not welcomed by the humans or their iron protectors.
  • Villager prices are increased, and Iron Golems will attack you on sight.
- Sun Exposed: You fall ill under direct sunlight.
  • When exposed directly to the sun, you gain the following effects:

- Wither
- Hunger
- Nausea
  • These effects cannot be negated by wearing a helmet.
CreditOvergrown (Developer), Crims0n_Alpine (Developer), Shepherd (Original Developer)
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18
toMinecraft 1.19

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06/09/2023 3:52 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Excessus's Avatar
Having some problems with this origin. The boiling blood ability boils myself not my opponent and I don't seem to be able to move at all in water. No moving no jumping, just stuck and cannot escape. Other then that great origin though.
06/09/2023 4:55 pm
Level 75 : Legendary Botanist
Overgrown's Avatar
Have you downloaded the update?
02/21/2023 12:21 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4480161G's Avatar
Ok so, the origin is good, very creative and very fun, def my favorite

BUT, there are some problems

First, the wall climbing or smt is one of the WORST ABILITIES I HAVE EVER SEEN, idk why, but sometimes it buffs my jumps when i'm far away from any wall, and it sucks you to a wall, which becomes a nightmare when you enter small gaps

The health buff is good, but after some time you become totally broken, oneshotting hordes with just one hit and with your 3 rows of health, you basically become immortal, so there's not much reason to buff his damage and health that much if ur not gonna seriously cap other stats

And of course, i do think there is smt wrong, sometimes i oneshot the piglin and others i deal normal damage
02/21/2023 3:01 pm
Level 75 : Legendary Botanist
Overgrown's Avatar
Thank you for your feedback
09/26/2022 5:51 am
Level 1 : New Miner
br3d's Avatar
hello. first of all LOve this datapack!
the only thing is I don't understand how to use the Piercing Blood ability.
what does "pick item" means?
thank you and again
love your work!
09/26/2022 7:26 am
Level 75 : Legendary Botanist
Overgrown's Avatar
"Pick Item" means the mouse scroll wheel. You can press it down and it will shoot out the blood bullet. So, just press down on your scroll wheel and it should activate it
09/26/2022 7:56 am
Level 1 : New Miner
br3d's Avatar
oh alr thanks
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