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Bloody Tales - the blood moon tales | The Time Teller Update!

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Required Resource Pack
MrTheGrem avatar MrTheGrem
Level 29 : Expert Artist
Thanks for 1400 downloads!!! It means the world to me <3

Are you bored of minecraft nights being the same and not challenging at all? Then the Bloody Tales datapack is for you!

The main goal of the Bloody tales datapack is to add more challenge to your world. This datapack contains number of new mechanics, like new attributes of mobs to make them stronger and scarier, new spawn mechanic based on player light level if its too low and even if its too high, somewhat random number generator used to randomize frequency of the Blood Moon night, new challenging boss and more.
Also, there are Bloody Tales books that spawn under certain conditions and are really important! so don't just glance over those (there is only one right now) and throw it away as those are needed to even attempt to start the boss battle. So try to read it (and not laugh at my poetry skills).

If you wanna try the event out type /function bm:start couple of times in the chat until it starts. The frequency of blood moons ranges from 3 to 7 and changes every moon cycle (8 minecraft nights).

How it all works? (if you want to know more, expand these spoilers, but i highly recommend you to try to discover everything yourself)

Light level mechanics
During a blood moon, your light level plays an important role.

-When it is under level 9 every 200 ticks (10 seconds) a pack of zombies would spawn, stopping when either you move near the light source or a zombie horseman spawns.
-When it is under level 4 every 500 ticks (25 seconds) a pack of skeletons would spawn, stopping when either you move near the light source or a skeleton trap spawns.
-When it is over level 11 every 300 ticks (15 seconds) an soul of light would spawn, stopping when you move further from the light source.

Spawn mechanics
Every mob that spawns during a bloodmoon, spawns in a pack. Zombies spawn in packs of 5, skeletons and spiders in packs of 4 and creepers, zombie villagers, husks, strays, cave spiders, drowneds and slimes in packs of 3. As for now only zombies and skeletons have special mechanics that go further, so you'll need to controll how many of there are around you.

When enough zombies are around you, a zombie summoner (he is just a zombie in iron armor with a banner on its head) would spawn. He is needed to obtain the Bloody Tales vol.1 book, and then to summon the first boss. When more zombies spawn, he will summon a zombie horseman.

When you group enough skeletons around you, a skeleton summoner would spawn, simillary to a zombie summoner, he is just a skeleton in iron armor, with a banner on its head. When even more skeletons spawn, he will summon a skeleton trap.

Bloody Tales books and boss
The Bloody Tales vol.1 book will get summoned if you kill enough zombies untill midnight. Remember that you need to be near the zombie summoner at midnight if you want to get the book.

If you manage to understand the Bloody Tales lore, you'll know how many more zombies you need to kill until morning in order to fight wih the boss on another blood moon. Remember that you have to kill the required amount of zombies untill morning and basically do the same as with getting the book to summon, that is to wait by the zombie summoner till midnight. Also, you have to have the Bloody Tales book in your inventory during all above steps.

The boss stops the time on midnight, so you have to kill it to end the blood moon

The nether and end keepers
To prevent players from waiting out the bloodmoon in other dimensions, keepers spawn in those. They are by design powerfull and spawn in high quantities so, there is really little chance you'll live through its attacks.

The Time Teller
Time teller is the first boss of the bloody tales datapack. He appears as a ghost in Netherite armour. To conquer him, you must be prepared for 5 phases:

- normal phase where he only deals you damage by contact attack
- second phase where he starts shooting harming, weakness, hunger lingering potions around
- while in third phase, below 200hp, 5 shields start to rotate around him and deflect any arrows shot at the shields
- on fourth phase if any projectile is moving towards him, he uses his special attack that stops time in a radius of 30 blocks around the boss, including stopping the player in place.
- in fifth phase he gives some bad effects to anyone around him.

Upon killing the time teller, he drops 35 lvls, some emeralds, golden apples, his armor and the bloody clock which shows you some important information on a custom hud and alarms you in the morning, that the blood moon will occur tonight. Other than that, there is a chance to drop an eye of time insetad of netherite bars.

The eye of time
Special drop from The Time Teller.
Upon right clicking it stops time in a radius around you, including mobs, projectiles, players and the time itself.
One use consumes one health container untill you are left with only one, then it consumes half a heart and if you use it then, you die. Your health containers will regenerate slowly in 30 second intervals, but you have to have the eye of time in your inventory for your health to regenerate.

Bloody Clock
Guaranteed drop from The Time Teller.
Notifies you at the morning before the bloodmoon event.
Gives crucial info, like light level, your chance for a boss on the next bloodmoon and the time left till the end of current bloodmoon event.

Magical broom
First Flying mount.
Crafted by dropping a spell book and a broom on the ground.
Simply right click with it on the ground, get on it and put your spell book in your offhand to fly. But be carefull, even smallest of impacts will push you right off it.

Decorative item.
Used to craft a magical broom.
Crafted using two sticks and wheat in a crafting table.

Spell books
There are two types of spell books.

First one is a special drop from a witch called Baba Yaga (placeholder) spawning during a bloodmoon with a zombie horseman.
This one is used to craft the magical broom.

The second one is a book used to controll the magical broom. You'll get this one when you craft the magical broom.

Singleplayer worlds:

for new worlds
  1. open minecraft
  2. click on "create new world"
  3. click on "datapacks"
  4. click on "open datapacks folder"
  5. drag the datapack to this folder
  6. enable the datapack
  7. start the world and type /reload in the chat
  8. You're done!
for already existing worlds
  1. type "%appdata%" in your windows search bar
  2. open .minecraft folder
  3. go to saves
  4. open your world folder
  5. go to datapacks folder
  6. drag the datapack in
  7. start the world and type /reload in the chat
  8. You're done!
Multiplayer worlds:
The datapack was tested on vanilla, spigot and paper spigot servers.
basically the same as installing it for an already existing world

Keep in mind that this is what i could call an alpha version with implemented about 25% of stuff i wanna add. I've spent around 1000 hours spread over 5 months working on this and learning how to do things from being completly incompetent in datapack creation to actually wanting to rewrite 90% of this (what may happen some time in the future). There might be bugs and things may not be perfectly balanced right now, but I'll work on that.

To do list:
-more bosses
-more weapons
-more special items
-more everything
-rewriting the code and optimising it more

Resourcepacks I've used in screenshoots:

Fresh Animations by FreshLX (i love it, can't recommend enough)
Stay true by TrrigST
Dramatic Skys by thebaum64

I'll try to update it as frequently as im able to, but keep in mind that im studying and even if I'd have the time to write something, i won't have the pc i could run vsc on, so be patient.
If you find any bugs please report them in comments, I'll appreciate that.


-My friends for giving me some good ideas
-My lovely GF for trying to keep me sane throughout the making of this and also for great ideas
-MCC discord server, and awesome people there for helping with some of commands
-MTigurrr on minecraft subreddit for a post that inspired me to make the magical broom

Wish you fun and luck!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.18

11 Update Logs

Update #11 : by MrTheGrem 12/10/2021 12:15:10 pmDec 10th, 2021

- optimised some of the functions
- ballanced some of the special mobs
- added a timer that counts down one minute till the end of the bloodmoon event when you have the bloody tales vol.1 book in your inventory
- added magical broom
- added broom
- added spell books
- updated the resourcepack

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01/22/2022 2:25 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Warrior
greninjaXY avatar
how to summon boss
01/24/2022 9:59 am
Level 29 : Expert Artist
MrTheGrem avatar
Check out other comments bro. I'm planning on redoing the mechanic though.
01/20/2022 5:41 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Warrior
greninjaXY avatar
01/21/2022 12:43 pm
Level 29 : Expert Artist
MrTheGrem avatar
Its Bloody Tales Vol.1, right click on fire particles below it with empty hand to obtain the book.
01/20/2022 5:41 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Warrior
greninjaXY avatar
01/20/2022 5:21 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Warrior
greninjaXY avatar
how to make broom i tryed in a order it aitn working plz make a vidoe of it
01/24/2022 10:03 am
Level 29 : Expert Artist
MrTheGrem avatar
First you need to craft the broom in a crafting table. When a zombie horseman spawns, a Baba Yaga would spawn next to him. This special witch has a chance to drop a spellbook. Then you have to drop the book and a broom in the same spot on the ground and it would convert to magical broom and a special spell book.
01/14/2022 6:32 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User3685348G avatar
i can't craft a broom, i puted 2 sticks and wheat and did not show the item
01/14/2022 10:06 am
Level 29 : Expert Artist
MrTheGrem avatar
have you tried it in the specific orientation?
x x s
x s x
w x x

12/18/2021 8:47 am
Level 1 : New Miner
gebba4 avatar
is there any way to change the frequency?
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