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Bonk Origin Class - Origins: Classes (Fabric) [Updated]

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Overgrown's Avatar Overgrown
Level 75 : Legendary Botanist
So, you know when you've had an idea that's stupid, but you've had it for so long that you decided to make it? This isn't that I just wanted to say something that could remotely explain why I decided to do this, but I got nothing...

Bonk datapack is made for the fabric mod, Origins. You must have it for this pack to work. This pack also requires the Origins: Classes mod which is needed to select the Origin class.

This Pack Adds:
- Custom Origin Class

Origin Detail:

Icon: Stick
Impact: remove_circle⊗⊗
Description: You get the knowledge and power to use... the Bonk Stick!

Positive check_circle:

- Bonk Crafter: As a Bonk Master, you have the power to craft the Bonk Stick. Stand on top of wet farmland, dig a 2x4, and 1 block deep. Place 4 oak logs in the hole and drop 10 Sticks, 10 Iron Ingots, and a Netherite Block on it.
- Bonk!: Striking with the Bonk Stick, bonks your enemies!
CreditOvergrown (Developer)
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.19

1 Update Logs

Version: 1.2.2 : by Overgrown 11/21/2022 10:49:13 amNov 21st, 2022

- Updated for 1.19
- Up to 1.16 backwards compatibility
- Fixed bug where players who didn't pick the class could use the Bonk Stick, only Bonk Masters can use it now

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