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Broodmother Origin - Origins (Fabric)

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So, I might have gone overboard a bit... The Broodmother is a "Spider King/Queen" of sorts. Its an Origin designed to be a boss in a dungeon map or something of that sorts. Its very much for a more RPG setting or server/map. It all depends how you want to use it, but overall is an Origin that is meant to be overpowered due to it being a "Final Boss" Origin.

Broodmother datapack is made for the fabric mod, Origins. You must have it for this pack to work.

This Pack Adds:
- Custom Origin

Origin Detail:

Icon: Spider Eye
Impact: remove_circleremove_circleremove_circle
Description: The mother of the Arachnid colonies, the Broodmother is an elder being capable of great destruction. Often feared by those who utter the name.

Positive check_circle:

- Web Shot: Launch a web in the direction you're facing. Deals damage if it lands on the same block as an entity. [​Primary]
- Newborn Fighters: You can summon a cave spider every 10 seconds to fight for you. [​Secondary]
- Silky Composition: You trap every player and mob in a 10 block radius in a cobweb. [​Load Toolbar Activator]
- Climb: You are fast and at will, you can climb blocks! [​Save Toolbar Activator]
- Prey: Attack a target in a cobweb, using your fist to feed yourself.
- Friendly Kinship: Spiders and Cave Spiders are all your allies and will not attack you.
- Exoskeleton: Like spiders, you are equipped with an exoskeleton – a hard, external covering that provides both structural support and protection from predators.
- Extra Hearts: Because of your ancestry, you get 20 more hearts.
- Long Jump: Spiders can modify their speed and with their powerful legs, they increase the distance they can jump. While sprinting, you jump higher.
- Master of Webs: You navigate cobweb perfectly, and are able to climb in them. When you hit an enemy, they get stuck in cobweb. Non-arthropods stuck in cobweb will be sensed by you. You are able to craft cobweb from string.
- Arachno-Immunity: Your body does not react to poison as it is immune to it.
- Poison Touch: You release venom at the touch. Injecting poison to others when you hit them.
- Spider Strength: Your anatomy allows you to be four times as strong.
- Rough Around the Edges: You naturally take slightly less damage.

Neutral pause_circle_filled:

- Cave Spawn: You spawn in an Abandoned Mineshaft.

Negative remove_circle:

- Unwieldy: You cannot use a shield.
- Cursed Mother: You take 12 increased damage that ignores armor from weapons enchanted with Bane Of Arthropods (4 second cooldown).
CreditOvergrown (Developer)
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.18

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