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Bluespace110 avatar Bluespace110
Level 9 : Apprentice Crafter
So this is a very early version of a datapack that I am working on. It makes the game harder by making mobs stronger, adding variants to mobs, giving them special attakcs and adding new mechanics.

Currently this version is only focused on a few mobs. The mobs and their variants that have been changed are:

- zombies
  - sprint zombies
  - poison zombies
- husks
  - Fire husks
- skeletons
- strays
  - Freeze starys
- creepers
- Endermen
  - Elite endermen

The datapack currently works via a level scoreboard that determens the diffeculty. This scoreboard can be adjusted from 1 to 3. The default value is 1. I am planning to remove this and make a single diffeculty but idk about that yet. All mobs with varients gain a spawn value uppon spanwing and this determines what type of mob it is going to be. With this an endermen has a 10% change to become a elite. Elite endermens are very stronge almost miniboss kind of endermen with 80 hp and a stunning attack. The other mobs speak for themselfs with their name. Something to note currently all attacks are locked behind level 3. You won't encounter them on lower levels.

Mob mechanics:

- Zombies now always give you the hunger effect
- Skeletons and strays can switch to an axe if you come to close
- Creepers have knockback resistance
- If a zombie can't find any other zombies within a 15 block radius is will summon 2 other zombies. The summoned zombies can't call for other zombies
- all mobs have more health. How much more depends on the level of the closest player.

Things that I have planned:
- Spending too much time in a cold or warm biomes without some protection will have negative effects
- going too deep in the ocean will result in preasure damege
- 1.18 version
- Making the other mobs diffecult as well
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17

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