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More Structures [1.15x] Beta!

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avatar TheDiamondPlayables
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Programmer
I'm making More Structures for Minecraft 1.15x, with bigger and better plans!

Current Features:

- Custom Structures generate as the world loads.
+ Does not change any vanilla structures, adds completely new ones
+ Structures are generated based on the biomes they're on. (Biome-based generation)
+ Custom made mobs for custom structures with custom loot drops!

+ A structure has alot of different variants.

- Can be installed into any world!
- Multiplayer compatible! Find new structures with your friends!

- Structures will not generate on existing bases in your world.
+ Structures are not generated based on world seed.
You can have worlds with the same world seed, but the structures are always going to be
different every time.

- Structure Loot are randomized and different every structure!
+ You may see the same structure type, doesn't mean you'll know the loot inside it.

- Structure Generation is completely customizable!
+ You can enable/disable any structure from generating! (not avaliable yet, coming soon)
+ You can also change how often you'll find structures generating in your world!

Planned Addons:

- Custom Advancements:
+ Advancements with rewards for each and every single structure!

+ Some are easy, some are challenging, but all are rewarding ... unless you choose to turn off the rewards.

- Structure Locator Item:
+ Is rarely found generating in custom structure chests.
+ Wandering Trader sometimes have them, too.

Final Notes:

If you like the datapack so far, consider supporting this project by becoming a patron, or by sharing the link of this post to everyone you know on other platforms!

Emerald Patrons gets to download and use the beta versions of More Structures[‚Äč1.15x]!

Subscribe for more notifications, you'll get the latest updates of this datapack.

- If you want to see your own structures appearing in this datapack, feel free to build your own structures and give me links of PlanetMinecraft posts of them down in the comments.
+ I'll add your structures into More Structures after the beta phase is over.
+ Note: Maximum Size is X:31 blocks Y:32 blocks Z:31 blocks
+ No URL Shorteners please, I would like to see the full link.

Also, random fact:
I made More Structures back in 1.13, at the time when I wasn't really that good at datapacks.
Now that I had a lot more experience with these things, I'm making a big return on this concept.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15

3 Update Logs

Beta 20401 : 04/01/2020 8:08:09 amApr 1st

I have spent somewhat over 100 hours in this.

Added Features since last beta:

- Underground dungeons!
+ Structure's layout is completely randomized!
- A challenging Watchtower for brave adventurers.
- Brand new generation system that allows for randomized structures!
+ This generation system is able to make some of the most complex and unpredictable variants of the same structure!
+ You won't know what to expect when you see any structure, because it is all randomized.

4 replies

03/25/2020 2:51 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Dude Ive been waiting for this cant wait
03/23/2020 10:53 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Can't wait!
03/23/2020 5:06 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Is your generaton seed based?
03/23/2020 5:12 amhistory
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Programmer
Good question there, I'll add to Planned Features:

It's not going to be seed-based.

So you can have essentially the same worlds, but different structures every time.
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