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Data pack for Minecolonies support of Ars Nouveau and Biomes O Plenty (and for our Minecolonies style, Archwood Collective)

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    Shadizar's Avatar Shadizar
    Level 35 : Artisan Mage
    NOTE: I'm upleveling my datapacks to 1.20.1 ; they may or may not still function on lower versions but I'm not testing or updating for prior, anymore.
    See the Update notes for tips on what is changing, and it will give some info that may help you maintain for yourself if you're on lower versions.

    * Adds a name pack (if you are a Minecolonies patreon member of the appropriate tier) for minecolonies, for mage-like names

    * For all players, enables the colonists to craft necessary Ars Nouveau items,

    * Enables selected blocks in the architect cutter

    * Adds some BoP and Ars blocks as pathblocks

    * Added Biomes O Plenty flowers to the list of items the florist can grow

    That way, when playing our Archwood Collective style, your colonists are intrinsically aware of the relevant items and can craft most, upon being taught.

    In your particular save (on the server if playing server, in the local client otherwise) place the zip (or unzip to folders) as with any standard datapack, in the Datapacks folder.

    The style itself is at [url=www.planetminecraft.com/project/archwood-collective-interim-dist/


    Requires Minecolonies and dependencies, Ars Nouveau, and Biomes O Plenty

    Feedback and information is available via thread in the Minecolonies discord, https://discord.gg/minecolonies (channel schematic-design, in the threads)
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19
    toMinecraft 1.20

    9 Update Logs

    Update #9 : by Shadizar 02/16/2024 5:40:37 pmFeb 16th

    "pack_format": 15 is set (1.20.1). If you will try the datapack on another version, adjust per minecraft wikis on versioning.

    Note, some items (mostly magic items) are not given crafter recipes, because they're magical items for the player and often one-time crafts.

    To simulate Source cost, items tend to have 8 or so source gems added to the recipe.

    The following are the updates; if you are having problems with pre 1.20.1, try reverting these (or subsequent, if I update later).

    Path \archwoodcollective\crafterrecipes

    . Removed all 4 apprentice*, archmage*, novice* items as those are 1.19, and there's new names in 1.20

    . Added spell_sensor

    Path \minecolonies\tags\items

    . Added to blacksmith products: "ars_nouveau:ritual_disintegration", "ars_nouveau:ritual_gravity",

    . Added to farmer products: "ars_nouveau:ritual_awakening",









    . Added to fletcher exclusion (meaning they can't do it now): "ars_nouveau:annotated_codex" (doesn't make much sense there…it's purely a player thing IMO)

    . Added to glassblower products: "ars_nouveau:ritual_containment"

    . Added to mechanic products: "ars_nouveau:ritual_sanctuary"

    . Removed sourceberries from reduceable ingredients. I think their name changed? Confusingly? And they're so easy to get, I'll dodge it by removing them from here. Also removed "ars_nouveau:blaze_fiber", which Ars removed from the game.

    . Added to storage_blocks "ars_nouveau:sourceberry_sack", which will allow mechanic to craft it (and prevent cheesy multiplication via recipe reductions).

    I didn't check up on a lot of the BoP stuff….I think it's pretty much unchanged. If you see errors in logs or such, let me know.

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