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Delta Draconis - 1.16.5

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Lasercraft32's Avatar Lasercraft32
Level 55 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
Disclaimer: Requires a resource pack (Optfine compatible, Optifine is optional)
This pack is now 100% complete. All future updates, additions, ect. will be added to the brand new 1.17 version I will be working on. Including tons of new items and stuff!

Welcome to Delta Draconis!
This data pack is meant to add tons of new things to your Minecraft world to make things more exciting, while still keeping things mostly vanilla style. Adds new items, blocks, and mobs!

Here's a list of all the new items:


-Titanium Ingot
-Titanium Nugget
-Rose Gold Ingot
-Rose Gold Nugget
-Tortite Ingot
-Tortite Nugget
-Aurum Dust
-Aurumite Ingot
-Aurumite Nugget
-Igneous Ingot
-Igneous Nugget
-Pink Diamond
-Pink Diamond Shard
-Diamond Shard
-Emerald Shard
-Ruby Shard
-Sapphire Shard
-Topaz Shard
-Mon Ingot
-Paradox Shards
-Decayed Flesh
-Necrotic Bone
-Sculk Powder
-Bone Shard
-Bone Silk
-Netherite Nugget
-Gold Coin
-Iron Coin
-Jungle Spider Eye
-Fermented Jungle Spider Eye
-Frostbite Spider Eye
-Strider Strand


-Mighty Banana
-1-Up Mushroom
-Apple Fritter
-Apple Pie
-Bagel Bite
-Baked Apple
-Carrot Cake
-Chocolate Cake
-Chocolate Donut
-Chocolate Ice Cream
-Chocolate Pie
-Chorus Cake
-Chorus Ice Cream
-Chorus Jello
-Chorus Pie
-Cooked Danger
-Creeper Cookie
-Crisbee Donut
-Dubious Food
-Fried Banana
-Fried Egg
-Fruit Salad
-Glazed Donut
-Honey Candy
-Honey Ice Cream
-Honey Pancakes
-Honeyed Apple
-Hot Chocolate
-Ice Cream
-Jelly Donut
-Jeweled Apple
-Pink Jeweled Apple
-Magma Cream Donut
-Magma Ice Cream
-Melon Jello
-Melon Popsicle
-Netherite Potato
-Potato Bread
-Pumpkin Stew
-Roasted Mushroom
-Rock Hard Food
-Gilded Banana
-Gilded Carrot
-Gilded Chorus Fruit
-Gilded Melon
-Gilded Sweet Berries
-Gilded Tomato
-Slime Cake
-Slime Jello
-Sugar Cookie
-Super Mushroom
-Sweet Berry Cake
-Sweet Berry Ice Cream
-Sweet Berry Jello
-Sweet Berry Pie
-Troll Cake
-Chocolate Bunny
-Chocolate Egg
-Golden Egg
-Jelly Beans
-Peeps Bunny
-Peeps Chick
-Rancid Egg
-Lucky Charms


-Titanium Armor
-Rose Gold Armor
-Tortite Armor
-Aurumite Armor
-Igneous Armor
-Emerald Armor
-Pink Diamond Armor
-Ruby Armor
-Topaz Armor
-Sapphire Armor
-Armored Elytra
-Rocket Boots
-Diving Helmet
-Nightvision Goggles
-Horse Armor
-Shulker Helmet
-Wither Armor
-Gilded Armor
-Blazing Shield


-Titanium Sword
-Titanium Axe
-Titanium Pickaxe
-Titanium Shovel
-Titanium Hoe
-Rose Gold Sword
-Rose Gold Axe
-Rose Gold Pickaxe
-Rose Gold Shovel
-Rose Gold Hoe
-Tortite Sword
-Tortite Axe
-Tortite Pickaxe
-Tortite Shovel
-Tortite Hoe
-Aurumite Sword
-Aurumite Axe
-Aurumite Pickaxe
-Aurumite Shovel
-Aurumite Hoe
-Igneous Sword
-Igneous Axe
-Igneous Pickaxe
-Igneous Shovel
-Igneous Hoe
-Pink Diamond Sword
-Pink Diamond Axe
-Pink Diamond Pickaxe
-Pink Diamond Shovel
-Pink Diamond Hoe
-Emerald Sword
-Emerald Axe
-Emerald Pickaxe
-Emerald Shovel
-Emerald Hoe
-Ruby Sword
-Ruby Axe
-Ruby Pickaxe
-Ruby Shovel
-Ruby Hoe
-Sapphire Sword
-Sapphire Axe
-Sapphire Pickaxe
-Sapphire Shovel
-Sapphire Hoe
-Topaz Sword
-Topaz Axe
-Topaz Pickaxe
-Topaz Shovel
-Topaz Hoe


-A - Game
-A - Game Plus
-Battle Spade
-The Executioner's Big Chonker
-Bovine Basher
-Bovine Basher 2.0
-Cattle Crusher
-Cattle Crusher 2.0
-Empty Gauntlet
-Guardian Sword++
-Guardian Shield
-Infinitesimal Glove
-Infinity Blade
-Master Flute
-Neo Scimitar
-New Moon Scimitar
-North Breeze
-North Wind
-Poke Flute
-Quantum Edge
-Queenly Battleaxe
-Rose Thorn
-The Scythe of Alkevier
-Scythe of the Mountain
-Slamp Slammer
-Slime Slammer
-Soul Cleaver
-South Breeze
-South Wind
-Spirit Slayer
-Springler Dual Scythe
-Springler Scythe
-Staff of Geminae
-Staff of Mono
-The Lie
-The Truth
-Thorn of Redemption
-Thorn of Regret
-Titanium Bane
-Titanium Bane 2.0
-TV Remote
-Victory Spade
-Viridian Vera
-Wraith Thorn
-Bone Bow
-Stray Bow
-Jungle Bow
-Wither Bow
-Rogue Crossbow
-Wooden Mop
-Spring Loaded Hammer
-Harbinger Scythe
-Pirate Saber
-Piglin Battleaxe
-Piglin Hammer


-Carved Melon
-Santa Hat
-Amogus Plush
-Arctic Fox Plush
-Fox Plush
-Axolotl Plush
-Bee Plush
-Buttercup Plush
-Charlie Plush
-Chicken Plush
-Clownfish Plush
-Cod Plush
-Creeper Plush
-Eevee Plush
-Endermite Plush
-Fish Plush
-Goldfish Plush
-Jizz Crown
-Kirik Horns
-Llama Plush
-Luigi Cap
-Mario Cap
-Marshie Plush
-Mushroom Bee
-Panda Plush
-Polar Bear Plush
-Police Cap
-Quagsire Plush
-Salmon Plush
-Slime Plush
-Snorlax Plush
-Squid Plush
-Sun Glasses
-Super Crown
-Top Hat
-Turtle Plush
-Twinkle Stars
-Useless Plush
-Wall Paper
-Waluigi Cap
-Witch Hat
-Yiga Mask
-Lucky Hat
-Bunny Ears
-Dyed Books
-Majora's Mask
-Pirate Hat
-Vindicator Helmet
-Pillager Helmet
-Vanguard Helmet
-Gladiator Helmet


-Deathsong Butterfly
-Deathsong Powder
-Four Leaf Clover
-Invisible Item Frame
-Warped Grenade
-Pufferfish Arrow
-Lapis Manalis


-Potion of Levitation
-Potion of Luck
-Potato Bombs


-Gilded Rose
-Andesite Bricks
-Andesite Pavement
-Basalt Bricks
-Basalt Pavement
-Chiseled Andesite
-Chiseled Basalt
-Chiseled Cracked Stone Bricks
-Chiseled Crying Obsidian
-Chiseled Dark Prismarine
-Chiseled Diorite
-Chiseled End Stone
-Chiseled Gneiss
-Chiseled Granite
-Chiseled Hivestone
-Chiseled Magma
-Chiseled Mossy Stone Bricks
-Chiseled Netherrack
-Chiseled Obsidian
-Chiseled Packed Ice
-Chiseled Prismarine
-Chiseled Purpur Block
-Chiseled Crimson Nether Brick
-Chiseled Smooth Stone
-Chiseled Soul Sandstone
-Chiseled Stone
-Chiseled Warped Nether Bricks
-Cobble Path
-Cobbled Nylium
-Cobbled Mycelium
-Cobbled Netherrack
-Cobbled Podzol
-Cobbled Soul Soil
-Cut Soul Sandstone
-Dark Prismarine Pillar
-Dark Sea Lantern
-Diorite Bricks
-Diorite Pavement
-Gneiss Bricks
-Gneiss Pavement
-Granite Bricks
-Granite Pavement
-Hivestone Bricks
-Magma Bricks
-Mossy Stone Pillar
-Cobbled Dirt
-Netherrack Bricks
-Obsidian Bricks
-Ornate Sea Lantern
-Packed Ice Bricks
-Polished Blackstone Blocks
-Polished Crying Obsidian
-Polished Endstone
-Polished Packed Ice
-Polished Prismarine
-Polished Stone
-Red Sandstone Pillar
-Sandstone Pillar
-Smooth Soul Sandstone
-Smooth Stone Bricks
-Soul Sandstone
-Soul Sandstone Pillar
-Soulstone Lamp
-Stone Brick Pillar
-Stone Pillar
-Warped Nether Bricks
-Wither Bone Block
-Mon Block
-Titanium Block
-Cut Titanium Block
-Rose Gold Block
-Cut Rose Gold Block
-Tortite Block
-Aurum Block
-Aurumite Block
-Igneous Block
-Pink Diamond Block
-Ruby Block
-Topaz Block
-Sapphire Block
-Quartz Crystal

Official Wiki Page:
(Still a major work in progress, my sincerest apologies. Making a Data Pack all on your own is stressful)
Delta Draconis Data Pack Wiki
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Lasercraft32 07/16/2021 10:40:02 pmJul 16th, 2021

-Fixed a bug where Mossy Skeletons would spawn with Bone Bows instead of Jungle Bows.
-Fixed a bug where certain item frame items looked like a Pot of Gold item instead.
-Changed the height level predicates for the deep underground mobs because lava generated at the old level, making any chance for them to spawn normally pretty much zero.

-Removed unnecessary files from the Resource Pack
-Added a download for the Resource Pack instead of a link to another Planet Minecraft Page.

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08/05/2023 1:56 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
BigBluBoi32's Avatar
Please update to 1.20!
08/05/2023 2:14 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
Lasercraft32's Avatar
I made this a long time ago, basically as a way of practicing making data packs... there's wayyyy too much stuff that's basically just reskins of regular items. On top of that, this pack is very poorly optimized and causes A LOT of frame drops (especially in multiplayer). Updating the pack would take a LOT of work, and if I ever do remake this pack it will be a complete revamp and a collection of individual packs that work together rather than one massive one.

But I probably won't ever get around to it, at least not anytime soon, because I am already working on another overly-ambitious data pack and I'm too busy.
07/05/2022 7:05 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4107360G's Avatar
hey so is it supposed to give me every achievement in existence and every item in the pack at once. is there a command to turn that off
07/06/2022 12:21 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
Lasercraft32's Avatar
If that's happening that means it's broken, likely because of the version you're using. It only works in 1.16.5, and I haven't updated it (nor do I plan to). In 1.17 they updated a lot of technical stuff, and they've only changed more in 1.18 and 1.19, so it doesn't work correctly in those versions.

This is a relatively old data pack, I made it almost a year ago (and I've improved a lot since).
09/11/2021 2:23 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Beckittoburrit0's Avatar
How do i craft the items it doesnt say where a custom crafter is?
09/11/2021 3:23 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
Lasercraft32's Avatar
There is no custom crafter... it uses a regular crafting table.
08/23/2021 6:42 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
AgOoDbIlDeR_'s Avatar
the resorce pack isnt working for me :(
08/23/2021 2:19 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
Lasercraft32's Avatar
How so? (It's hard to fix a problem when I don't know exactly what it is). Is the download not working or is it just not changing? (Are you using 1.16.5? Because it won't work in 1.17).
08/01/2021 10:57 am
Level 1 : New Miner
BuddyBreaker's Avatar
Hello, im sorry i have not had udes any datapacks before, can you tell me how to get these items in creative mode? I have used 1.16.5
08/01/2021 3:16 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
Lasercraft32's Avatar
Well, the best method is using /function ("/function custom_ores:crafted_titanium_ingot" for example). You can also find some of them in loot chests. You can also craft them using items found in the creative inventory as well.

I must note though, most of the new items are reskins of items only obtainable in creative (like spawn eggs, command blocks, etc) so it is possible to throw some of those into a crafting table to get the new items as well.
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