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Disbelief Papyrus in Minecraft(Datapack)

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Required Resource Pack
SonicRushXII's Avatar SonicRushXII
Level 74 : Legendary Engineer
Installation Guide:-

1. Click the Download Link
2. Select Version
3. Open the .zip file
4. Drag and drop the contents into your datapack folder

*Resource Pack:-
1. Click the Download Link
2. Select Version
3. Drag and drop the .zip file into your 'resourcepacks' folder
4. Enable Resource-Pack in-game.


Crafting Recipe:-

14x Blaze Powder
6x Netherite Ingot
64x Redstone Block
1x Skeleton Skull
64x Bone

This datapack adds in Disbelief Papyrus' Abilities in Minecraft for you to use. Just like the Disbelief Genocide Fight, he has multiple phases.


Phase 1 - Disbelief:-

-Bone Sceptre
-Bone Barrage
-Gaster Blaster
-Bone Hurdles
-Orange Magic

Phase 2 - No More Games:-

-Bone Daggers
-Bone Barrage
-Gaster Blaster(Blue/Orange Extension)
-Bone Walls(Blue/Orange Extension)
-Orange Magic

Phase 3 - Backbone:-

-Bone Barrage
-Bone Walls
-Gaster Blaster
-Bone Field

-Blue Magic+Bone Spike(Sans Assist)
-Spear Pressure(Undyne Assist)

Three Phases was already quite the wait. A fourth one would be a bit too much from me. Who knows maybe if the YT video gets 1K likes or something. Anyway, this is gonna be it for now.

Enjoy the Datapack
CreditDisbelief Papyrus Skins by Juscritters, Gaster Blaster Model By Luke550, Spear Model by starwarsguy160
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.20

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05/16/2023 4:01 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4592416G's Avatar
How to do second phase
05/17/2023 10:57 am
Level 74 : Legendary Engineer
SonicRushXII's Avatar
Keep blocking attacks until your bone breaks
11/12/2022 2:47 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Explorer
ThatDogeGuy's Avatar
i have an idea for a datapack
Gaster V4 Datapack
its the same recipe but instead of the dye its the human souls
its harder to get so its much stronger and has all the human souls powers + even more powers and see if you can make it when you kill a mob with it the mob drops their items because in most of your datapacks im farming endermen but they dont drop pearls because i kill them with the BRAVERY soul
it happens on all mobs so please fix with this datapack i want you to make
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