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Dragon3025 avatar Dragon3025
Level 41 : Master Enderdragon
  • Place blaze powder into an item frame; depending on the blaze powder's name, it will perform the following:
  •   "melt_obsidian", melt a wide area of obsidian into lava.
  •   "melt_snow", evaporate snow into air.
  •   "dry_farmland", dry up farmland into dirt.
  • Added convenience recipes (for example: 4 clay balls from 1 clay block).
  • (Off by default) Increased amount of Wither Skeleton Loot.
  • Enderman have a chance to drop Shulker Shells, Dragon's Egg, Elytra, and Enderman Head if any player has the Elytra Advancement (the admin score for End City gear and Dragon Eggs are separate. I recommend disabling the End City gear score and using "mcaselector" to reset End City chunks when it becomes hard to find an un-raided End City).
  • Place a water bucket in an item frame to fill a cauldron 2 blocks away from it.
  • Rabbits are immune to fall damage (bunnies tend to fall off tall ledges when hopping around).
          • TNT can blow up 3x3 horizonal space of bedrock blocks and, if the bottom block isn't layer 1, 1 block below itself (this can be set by the admin to blow up the bottom no matter the layer).
          • Standing next to bells will cause the nearest raid-joinable mob to have glowing, and a particle trail will point to it (if it's far enough, the glowing effect might not be visible).
                Admin scoreboards (use /scoreboard players set admin <score_name> <-1 for false 1 for true>:

                dt_dry_farmland "Allow Drying Farmland"
                dt_melt_obsidian "Allow Melting Obsidian"
                dt_melt_snow "Allow Melting Snow"
                dt_emancity_loot "Give Enderman End City loot if you have the Elytra advancement"
                dt_eman_de_loot "Give Enderman Dragon Egg loot if you have the Elytra advancment"
                dt_in_w_skl_loot "Increase Wither Skeleton Loot"
                dt_wbifr_caldron "Water Bucket in Item Frames Will Refill Cauldrons"
                dt_rabt_imun_fdm "Rabbits are Immune to Fall Damage"
                dt_tnt_break_br "Allow TNT to break bedrock" (Set to 1 by default, if set to 2 it will break the block below itself no matter the layer).
                dt_raider_finder "Stand next to bells in order to find the nearest raid-joinable mobs"
                CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

                8 Update Logs

                Update #8 : 06/10/2021 7:31:04 pmJun 10th

                Fixed Cauldron not filling up
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                10/01/2020 11:52 pmhistory
                Level 24 : Expert Princess
                Kate1902019 avatar
                I hate that Burning Skull painting!
                I only likes custom paintings.
                I have a custom paintings of a Burning Skull and this girl is one of them: https://www.roblox.com/users/1224162773/profile
                My custom paintings:
                But I still give your other datapacks(that doesn't contains the default paintings I hate(in the picture) some diamonds.
                10/12/2020 2:04 pm
                Level 41 : Master Enderdragon
                Dragon3025 avatar
                Thanks. I actually have some custom Minecraft themed paintings, but I didn't have it activated when I took that screenshot. Minecraft could really use an update to their paintings.
                10/15/2020 12:22 pm
                Level 24 : Expert Princess
                Kate1902019 avatar
                But I like all tweaks texture packs.
                That's why I also checking Vanilla Tweaks.
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