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Each vanilla biome as it's own dimension

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    zytukin's Avatar zytukin
    Level 41 : Master Architect
    Minecraft is great with all the different biomes. But sometimes I wanted to build in a single biome world without starting a new save, and not always the same single biome. Sometimes I wanted to hang around in the rainforest biome, or the desert biome, etc. Flying all over the map to find large enough biomes and travel to/from them is a time consuming pain. But luckily with the addition of custom biomes, it is now much easier.

    This datapack adds a dimension for each vanilla biome.
    79 vanilla biomes, 79 different dimensions. Now you can start a save on a normally generated map and still experience playing on any number of single biome worlds without starting a new save. No mods needed and no custom content in this datapack, so it is a very small download.

    Download the datapack and put it in %appdata%/Roaming/.minecraft/saves/(save)/datapacks
    Seems to work fine being added to existing saves, toss it in, load the save, and the command to teleport works fine.

    To travel to one of the dimensions, use the command Execute in (dimension, see below) run tp ~ ~ ~
    For example: Execute in vbd:giant_spruce_taiga_hills run tp ~ ~ ~ to go to the dimension containing nothing but the Giant Spruce Taiga Hills biome.
    ~ ~ ~ will put you at the same cords in the new dimension as your current position, so best to use creative mode so you wont die if you get teleported into a mountain or a tree. Or could get really high up first, but then fall damage is a risk. Using 0 250 0 will put you in the center of the map at an elevation of 250 blocks above bedrock.

    Vanilla Biome --- Dimension
    Badlands --- vbd:badlands
    Badlands Plateau --- vbd:badlands_plateau
    Bamboo Jungle --- vbd:bamboo_jungle
    Bamboo Jungle Hills --- vbd:bamboo_jungle_hills
    Basalt Deltas --- vbd:basalt_deltas
    Beach --- vbd:beach
    Birch Forest --- vbd:birch_forest
    Birch Forest Hills --- vbd:birch_forest_hills
    Cold Ocean --- vbd:cold_ocean
    Crimson Forest --- vbd:crimson_forest
    Dark Forest --- vbd:dark_forest
    Dark Forest Hills --- vbd:dark_forest_hills
    Deep Cold Ocean --- vbd:deep_cold_ocean
    Deep Frozen Ocean --- vbd:deep_frozen_ocean
    Deep Lukewarm Ocean --- vbd:deep_lukewarm_ocean
    Deep Ocean --- vbd:deep_ocean
    Deep Warm Ocean --- vbd:deep_warm_ocean
    Desert --- vbd:desert
    Desert Hills --- vbd:desert_hills
    Desert Lakes --- vbd:desert_lakes
    End Barrens --- vbd:end_barrens
    End Highlands --- vbd:end_highlands
    End Midlands --- vbd:end_midlands
    Eroded Badlands --- vbd:eroded_badlands
    Flower Forest --- vbd:flower_forest
    Forest --- vbd:forest
    Frozen Ocean --- vbd:frozen_ocean
    Frozen River --- vbd:frozen_river
    Giant Spruce Taiga --- vbd:giant_spruce_taiga
    Giant Spruce Taiga Hills --- vbd:giant_spruce_taiga_hills
    Giant Tree Taiga --- vbd:giant_tree_taiga
    Giant Tree Taiga Hills --- vbd:giant_tree_taiga_hills
    Gravelly Mountains --- vbd:gravelly_mountains
    Gravelly Mountains+ --- vbd:modified_gravelly_mountains
    Ice Spikes --- vbd:ice_spikes
    Jungle --- vbd:jungle
    Jungle Edge --- vbd:jungle_edge
    Jungle Hills --- vbd:jungle_hills
    Lukewarm Ocean --- vbd:lukewarm_ocean
    Modified Badlands Plateau --- vbd:modified_badlands_plateau
    Modified Jungle --- vbd:modified_jungle
    Modified Jungle Edge --- vbd:modified_jungle_edge
    Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau --- vbd:modified_wooded_badlands_plateau
    Mountain Edge --- vbd:mountain_edge
    Mountains --- vbd:mountains
    Mushroom Field Shore --- vbd:mushroom_field_shore
    Mushroom Fields --- vbd:mushroom_fields
    Nether Wastes --- vbd:nether_wastes
    Ocean --- vbd:ocean
    Plains --- vbd:plains
    River --- vbd:river
    Savanna --- vbd:savanna
    Savanna Plateau --- vbd:savanna_plateau
    Shattered Savanna --- vbd:shattered_savanna
    Shattered Savanna Plateau --- vbd:shattered_savanna_plateau
    Small End Islands --- vbd:small_end_islands
    Snowy Beach --- vbd:snowy_beach
    Snowy Mountains --- vbd:snowy_mountains
    Snowy Taiga --- vbd:snowy_taiga
    Snowy Taiga Hills --- vbd:snowy_taiga_hills
    Snowy Taiga Mountains --- vbd:snowy_taiga_mountains
    Snowy Tundra --- vbd:snowy_tundra
    Soul Sand Valley --- vbd:soul_sand_valley
    Stone Shore --- vbd:stone_shore
    Sunflower Plains --- vbd:sunflower_plains
    Swamp --- vbd:swamp
    Swamp Hills --- vbd:swamp_hills
    Taiga --- vbd:taiga
    Taiga Hills --- vbd:taiga_hills
    Taiga Mountains --- vbd:taiga_mountains
    Tall Birch Forest --- vbd:tall_birch_forest
    Tall Birch Hills --- vbd:tall_birch_hills
    The End --- vbd:the_end
    The Void --- vbd:the_void
    Warm Ocean --- vbd:warm_ocean
    Warped Forest --- vbd:warped_forest
    Wooded Badlands Plateau --- vbd:wooded_badlands_plateau
    Wooded Hills --- vbd:wooded_hills
    Wooded Mountains --- vbd:wooded_mountains

    To get back home use minecraft:overworld

    Some notes:
    The only difference between 'End Barrens', 'End Highlands', 'End Midlands' is the fauna so I gave them each a unique seed, the rest of the dimensions use the same seed as your overworld.
    The 'Small End Islands' dimension wont spawn as small floating islands like the biome creates in the actual End.
    'The Void' dimension wont be an an empty void. The biome generates a stone landscape.
    ALL these dimensions contain their biome specific mobs, including an Ender Dragon in the 'The End' dimension

    Future stuff:
    Eventually I might make the datapack clear out the area you teleport into to eliminate getting teleported into a block, or add custom portals to build to go to each dimension, but don't hold your breathe. My knowledge with this kind of programming is virtually 0 so it took me over 6 hours and looking at numerous other datapacks just to figure out how to make these custom dimensions which are nothing but setting them to a single biome.
    I would also like to make a dimension for each vanilla block where the entire landscape is nothing but that block, but that's further off then the custom portals.
    Might make biome specific dimensions for various biome packs as well, like biomes o plenty, etc, if their creators are ok with me doing so.


    This datapack just creates dimensions set to use single vanilla biomes, so any mods changing the appearance of vanilla biomes will probably effect the appearance of the biomes in these dimensions as well.

    Feel free to use this on any servers.
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
    toMinecraft 1.17

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    02/13/2021 6:41 pm
    Level 64 : High Grandmaster Botanist
    SirMephistoPheles666's Avatar
    I wish you'd have solved the transportation differently... this whole cheats-enabled use a command to travel so vanilla counter-like to me. Quite alien. I'd have gone for an in-game mechanics or having a unique looking portal pre-generate at spawn for each biome. Would've looked so much more cooler and faithful to vanilla. But nevertheless it works. Thanks for sharing!
    09/11/2020 1:33 pm
    Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
    The__Minecraft__Dude's Avatar
    09/10/2020 5:05 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    L0rne's Avatar
    Looks really good! I'm only seeing dimensions "badlands" through "crimson_forest", though.
    09/16/2020 3:22 pm
    Level 41 : Master Architect
    zytukin's Avatar
    That is odd, alphabetically those two wouldn't even be next to each other in the listing. Are you using other mods that change things? I'm not using anything else on my game, and I'm only on 1.16.2, so no clue how it acts on snapshots. (Range in the details is just because planet minecraft made me have a range)
    09/09/2020 2:02 pm
    Level 18 : Journeyman Peacock
    _Bluejay's Avatar
    I still dont understand the thing clearly
    09/10/2020 3:08 pm
    Level 41 : Master Architect
    zytukin's Avatar
    What are you having trouble with?
    09/11/2020 7:31 am
    Level 18 : Journeyman Peacock
    _Bluejay's Avatar
    so the thing will teleport us to the biome or what? im kinda confused with that part
    09/16/2020 3:20 pm
    Level 41 : Master Architect
    zytukin's Avatar
    Yep, if you have cheats enabled, hit / and type in the command, it will teleport you to a separate dimension like the nether, but with a single biome. To get back, use the command again but with minecraft:overworld.
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