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Easy Loot(tables) [Map Maker's Toolbox]

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Easy Loot | Map Maker's Toolbox

(📦 Latest & All Versions at: https://cloudwolfyt.github.io/)

Easy Loot allows in game editing of loot tables. This is great for servers and people who are new to datapacks as you can create loot tables without needing to access datapack files, and you can edit current loot tables without being op'ed. The loot is given/popped into a non-creative player's inventory or it turns into a chest when thrown on the ground.

You just need to setup an origin location in a safe place and it generates the loot array. Each one has a chest that you can edit the loot contents of. You can click the sign to give you a new chest to edit that says it's loot id. In the chest anything in it is rolled like a loot table, if you put 2 diamonds and 1 emerald then the loot table will have a 66% chance to get the diamond and 33% for emerald (the 1% is stuck on the knife). You can also put additional chests inplace of the brown wool to expand the loot table allowing up to 1/27x4 as the rarest possibility for a single loot table. If an item has multiple counts like 2 emeralds then it is treated seperately so 1 emerald and a stack of 2 emeralds in a chest means there is a 50% chance to get 1 and 50% chance to get 2. You can use a barrier as a blank item for a chance to get nothing.

To use the loot tables give yourself a chest with:
/give @p chest{Loot:[{id:1}]}
When the chest is dropped on the ground OR give it to a non-creative player and it will turn into a chest or items with random loot from the table with an id of 1. You can expand this array to have multiple rolls: [{id:1},{id:2}] and you can add all:1 to get an entire loot table with no randomization: [{all:1,id:1}]. This obviously has some cool tricks because you could put one of these chests in a loot table and give the table to the player thus making it have a chance to give 1 table or another.

This is part of my Map Maker's Toolbox, which is a list of datapacks that work as tools that are useful when making a creation such as an adventure map.
1) Download the .zip
2) drag it into your .minecraft/saves/(world_name)/datapacks folder
3) Unzip the folder
4) Open the folder, make sure that the first thing you see is "data", if you see the folder name again then drag that outside of the folder.

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
toMinecraft 1.16

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