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Required Resource Pack
Hinge avatar Hinge
Level 59 : Grandmaster Necromancer
[​Discontinued until 1.18: Likely will not work in newer versions, but is un-tested.]
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Have you ever wanted your caves in Minecraft to be more eerie with an added level of difficulty and a flare of ambient sounds? Have you ever wanted caves to punch you in the gut and steal your wallet? I do, which is why I made this pack!

📚 About
Eerie Caves makes it so that while exploring the caves in your world, you will hear various new biome-dependent sounds like wind, water trickling, and eerie echoes. Occasionally, you will also experience blackouts that remove nearby torches and apply blindness and cave-ins that cause nearby stone, cobblestone, and andesite to fall.

Please note that the actual appearance of caves is not changed as of now. I may make another datapack in the future that does.
Also, if you just want the cave-ins, blackouts, and dark lighting you can use this datapack without the resource pack.
Alternatively, if you just want dark lighting you can use Stoo's pack linked in the credits.

Ambient Sounds
🌿Lush Caves🌿  
In caves found in lush biomes like plains, forests, and jungles, you will hear water trickling towards the surface. As you descend lower, the trickling will stop and be replaced with the normal wind and occasional droplet of caves.

💦Wet Caves💦
Similar to lush caves, wet caves will have a more frequent, louder trickling sound. This will carry down to the bedrock layer.

🌬️Windy Caves🌬️
In caves found in windy biomes such as deserts and badlands, you will hear a heavier wind down to the bedrock layer.

❄️Snowy Caves❄️
In caves found in snowy biomes, you will hear the same wind in windy caves, but it will stop at a much higher level.

Deep down in caves, you may notice that the darkness occasionally becomes.. extra dark. Combined with worldgen files to make caves darker (thanks Stoo, credited below), occasionally nearby torches will be destroyed along with a blindness effect being applied.

While mining, watch out for cave-ins. These will not fall on top of you, but they are still very dangerous. A chunk of stone, andesite, and gravel may come crashing down at random. Try not to get stuck! If you are building, make sure to fortify your builds with other materials, as stone, andesite, and gravel can collapse.

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17

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07/12/2021 10:01 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
RandomUs avatar
Can you make a 1.17.1 version of this datapack please?
06/29/2021 7:26 am
Level 33 : Artisan Unicorn
Tyiarrah avatar
Love this!! Makes my single player games so so much more enjoyable!!
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