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Enchantment Merger - No more exclusive enchantments

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    FieryHammer avatar FieryHammer
    Level 54 : Grandmaster Modder

    Welcome to Enchantment Merger!

    I made this data pack to help you create your God Tier Armor and other amazing stuff in 1.16!

    Check the video or read below to see how to use. It's simple, I promise.
    How to Install

    1. Download the data pack .zip file.

    2. Extract it.

    3. You should end up with two files, a folder (with a wacky name), which is the resource pack, and another .zip file, which is the data pack itself, you don't have to unzip that.

    4. Copy the resource pack folder into your Minecraft's 'resourcpacks' folder

    5. Copy the data pack into your world's datapacks folder

    The video above also includes installation guide.
    How to Use

    - Throw a Crafting Table, an Enchanting Table and an Anvil on the ground together to craft this datapack's 'workbench', the Enchantment Merger.

    - Place two items of the same type in its 3x3 grid, in the middle row on the sides (so left and right side in the middle row) and a Bottle o' Enchanting between them.A new item will be created, bearing the combined enchantments of the input items.

    - Combines enchantments similarly to an Anvil (i.e.: two Protection II items will form a Protection III item)

    - Bypasses exclusive enchantments (i.e.: You can have a diamond chestplate with all types of protection Enchantments)

    - Doesn't repair items

    - Works only with Diamond and Netherite tools and armor and other items that are not ore dependant, such as Bow, Crossbow, Fishing Rod, Elytra, etc...

    Q: I found a bug, what shall I do?
    A: Tell it to me in the comments, so I can fix it as soon as possible. The more information you provide, the more you help (MC version, Singleplayer / Multiplayer, circumstances of bug production)

    Q: I have feedback / ideas about the datapack, can I share them?
    A: Absolutely. I welcome most feedbacks and ideas.

    Q: I placed two items in the Item Merger in the correct places, but nothing is happening, why?
    A: Please check, if you have at least 15 levels, unless it doesn't work.

    Q: I have an item that has a custom name. Will it be lost when I use it in merging?
    A: If you place the item on the left side then no. The new item will have the left item's name (and damage value) upon creation.

    Update Plans
    - Add all types of armor, weapon and tool (Wood, Iron, Gold, etc)
    - Balance requirements for merge
    - Find a way to nicely notify the player for the costs / merger use
    - Add Enchanted Book support
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.14
    toMinecraft 1.16

    3 Update Logs

    New Bugfix v1.2.1 : by FieryHammer 06/28/2020 2:16:33 pmJun 28th, 2020

    • Added missing support for Soul Speed enchantment

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    04/14/2021 11:12 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Zaldan9 avatar
    Please Update to 1.16.5
    Its says its not compatable
    04/02/2021 7:26 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Vladislova avatar
    The diamond tools aren't enchanted, what did I do wrong?
    04/14/2021 12:58 pm
    Level 54 : Grandmaster Modder
    FieryHammer avatar
    If the result item came out unenchanted, I suspect some other data packs may be conflicting with mine :/
    03/26/2021 5:53 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    User3511939G avatar
    is there some way to customise the settings? like without the requirements of xp and the bottle, i jsut want to combine two armour pieces only
    04/14/2021 12:57 pm
    Level 54 : Grandmaster Modder
    FieryHammer avatar
    I found a way to rewrite my datapack in a better way. Then the recipe system may be edited better, currently changing it would be really complicated I'm afraid.
    03/23/2021 7:32 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Mindeika avatar
    NIce mod, This mod work on 1.17 snapshots?
    04/14/2021 12:57 pm
    Level 54 : Grandmaster Modder
    FieryHammer avatar
    Haven't tried them yet. They should be working in my opinion, but the game may show a version mismatch, but I didn't see any changes concerning my datapack commands in the snapshot versions.
    03/07/2021 1:20 pm
    Level 1 : New Explorer
    TonyStarkIM avatar
    can this pack be used on 1.16.4, or is it limited to 1.16 only?
    04/14/2021 12:56 pm
    Level 54 : Grandmaster Modder
    FieryHammer avatar
    It is working properly on all 1.16 versions, so yes, it should be working fine!
    02/19/2021 4:51 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    AwesomeAndo_ avatar
    Hello, I would love to say this is a super cool and essential pack but there is a downside when doing this with netherite armour. The problem is that combining 2 netherite armour pieces is too expensive when the player could just combine 2 diamond pieces and upgrade it. This is problematic as people who install this pack when they have already gotten netherite to have to do a more expensive method. I suggest being able to combine netherite items with diamond items so that combining a protection 4 netherite chestplate and a projectile protection 4 diamond chestplate will make a prot 4, proj port 4 netherite chestplate. This should also be toggleable on/off in the settings book if you want.
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