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Ender Samurai - new boss datapack

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Required Resource Pack
EndToper avatar EndToper
Level 30 : Artisan Geek
This datapack adds a new challenging boss to the game - an Ender Samurai.

To summon the boss you need to throw a ender pearl next to a normal zombie

The boss has 1000 lives, 30 damage, increased resistance to rejection , and has 8 unusual abilities.

The first superpower is the summon clones of the boss, whose has only 2 lives, but 30 damage.

The second ability is the summon area, that damaged all "alive" entity and hilled all undead, include all bosses from me ^)

The third ability is the summon hechmen of the boss. They are guardians, riding on blazes.

The 4th superpower makes fangs from the Earth, that damaged as evoker's fangs

The 5th ability causes armageddon. I adivce to run away.

Next ability gives boss resistance 6 for 35 seconds, so you can't hurt him at that time

Next superpower some similar with the previous one. Its give boss absorption 119 for 30 second, so boss will have much more health for a little

Last ability teleported boss behind you.

When boss have 20 lives and less, he droped his head as trophy, transforms into a dragon and creates 4 obsidian towers with end crystals

After defeating the boss, you will get his head. By placing it in the helmet slot, you will receive Resistance I and you cause small armageddon every 40 seconds
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.18

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by EndToper 08/14/2021 3:58:07 amAug 14th, 2021

fixed a bug where the 3 ability of the boss was not activated

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