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Extra or also known as Super Sticks Datapack 1.19

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Dokneso avatar Dokneso
Level 24 : Expert Sus
A datapack that adds sticks. Yup. Sticks. I recommend using /function extrasticks:get_all_sticks

Oh, you don`t know what a stick is?

Definition of stick

(Entry 1 of 4)
1: a woody piece or part of a tree or shrub: such asa: a usually dry or dead severed shoot, twig, or slender branchb: a cut or broken branch or piece of wood gathered for fuel or construction material2a: a long slender piece of wood or metal: such as(1): a club or staff used as a weapon(2): WALKING STICKb: an implement used for striking or propelling an object in a gamec: something used to force complianced: a baton symbolizing an office or dignityalso : a person entitled to bear such a baton3: a piece of the materials composing something (such as a building)4: any of various implements resembling a stick in shape, origin, or use: such asa: COMPOSING STICKb: an airplane lever operating the elevators and aileronsc: the gearshift lever of an automobile5: something prepared (as by cutting, molding, or rolling) in a relatively long and slender often cylindrical forma stick of candya stick of butter6a: PERSON, CHAPb: a dull, inert, stiff, or spiritless person7sticks plural : remote usually rural districts regarded especially as backward, dull, or unsophisticated : BOONDOCKS8: an herbaceous stalk resembling a woody stickcelery sticks9: MAST entry 1 sense 1also : YARD entry 1 sense 410: a piece of furniture11a: a number of bombs arranged for release from a bombing plane in a series across a targetb: a number of parachutists dropping together12slang : a marijuana cigarette13a: punishment or the threat of punishment used to force compliance or cooperationchoosing between the carrot and the stickbBritish : CRITICISM, ABUSE
verb (1)sticked; sticking; sticks
Definition of stick (Entry 2 of 4)

transitive verb
: to hit or propel (something, such as a hockey puck) with a stick
verb (2)stuck\ ˈstək \; sticking
Definition of stick (Entry 3 of 4)

transitive verb
1a: to pierce with something pointed : STABb: to kill by piercing2: to push or thrust so as or as if to pierce3a: to fasten by thrusting inb: IMPALEc: PUSH, THRUST4: to put or set in a specified place or position5: to furnish with things fastened on by or as if by piercing6: to attach by or as if by causing to adhere to a surface7a: to compel to pay especially by trickerygot stuck with the bar billb: OVERCHARGE8a: to halt the movement or action ofb: BAFFLE, STUMP9a: CHEAT, DEFRAUDb: to saddle with something disadvantageous or disagreeableis still stuck with that lousy car10: to execute (a landing) flawlessly in gymnastics
intransitive verb
1: to hold to something firmly by or as if by adhesion:a: to become fixed in place by means of a pointed endb: to become fast by or as if by miring or by gluing or plasteringstuck in the mud2a: to remain in a place, situation, or environmentb: to hold fast or adhere resolutely : CLINGshe stuck to her storyc: to remain effectived: to keep close in a chase or competition3: to become blocked, wedged, or jammed4a: BALK, SCRUPLEb: to find oneself baffledc: to be unable to proceed5: PROJECT, PROTRUDEstick in one's craw: to irritate, nag at, or obsess onestick it to: to treat harshly or unfairlystick one's neck out: to make oneself vulnerable by taking a riskstick to one's guns: to maintain one's position especially in face of oppositionstuck on: infatuated with
noun (2)
Definition of stick (Entry 4 of 4)
1: a thrust with a pointed instrument : STAB2a: DELAY, STOPb: IMPEDIMENT3: adhesive quality or substance

Illustration of stick

Illustration of stick
Noun (1)

1stick 2b: a lacrosse, b ice hockey, c field hockey

In the meaning defined above
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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