Five Nights at Freddy's Data Pack

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    Level 15 : Journeyman Miner
    This Data Pack has 2 modes: Night Designer Mode, and Survival Mode.
    In Night Designer Mode, the player can set up different mechanics such as Animatronics, and Camera's.

    In Survival Mode, the player will play through the night they designed in Night Designer Mode.

    Doing the command /reload or getting or loosing/winning in Survival Mode will put the player in Night Designer Mode.
    (note: this pack does work in 1.16+, but it was intended for 1.15.2, the 1.16 version might have some minor glitches.)
    Datapack Currently includes AI based off of Fnaf 1, 2, and 3.

    Play with Moody Brightness, Muted Music, and don't go into third person for best experience. :)



    Place Animatronic/Animatronic Point!

    Using this tool will cause a Chat Menu to show up. Open the chat and click on the option you want to select. All of the options except one will cause another menu to show up allowing you to select which Animatronics you want to place down where you are standing. Selecting an Animatronic again place down an Animatronic Point. Animatronic Points are locations that the Animatronic will go to during Survival Mode. For most Animatronics, there is a limit of 20 Animatronic Points that can be placed. Also for most Animatronics, the Animatronics will go to each point in the order placed. (Its recommended that you place the last Animatronic Point in the Office, so the Player can be jumpscared.

    The last option when this tool is allows the player to set the nearest Animatronics Aggression Level. The Aggression Level goes from 0 to 20, and the default Aggression Level is 0.

    Breaking an Animatronic will cause all of its Animatronic Points to disappear as well.

    Add or Remove Tools!

    Using this Tool also causes a Chat Menu to appear. The options allows the Designer to set up and remove the different Tools the player will have in Survival Mode.

    Place Camera: This will cause a Camera to appear where the player Currently is. The Camera will face the exact direction the Player is facing when they use this.

    Delete Camera: This will delete the nearest Camera.

    Set Spot as Power Drainer: Using this while standing on top of a Stone Button, Lever, or Redstone Torch will cause that Redstone Piece to drain power when active during Survival Mode. A usage spot is represented with a smoke particle, breaking the Redstone Piece will make the smoke disappear.
    Place/Move Office Location: Using this will place an office point, the office point is where the player starts when they go into Survival Mode. Using this again will cause the office to move to the players current location.

    The rest of the options are pretty self explanatory.

    Start Night!

    Using this tool will put the player into Survival Mode.


    Camera Monitor: Putting the Camera Monitor in your offhand will cause it to be pulled up and send out a Chat Menu. The chat menu will allow the player to switch which Camera they are viewing through by clicking on the options, as well as flash their light, play an audio lure, or detect motion depending on what tools were enabled in Night Designer. (This tool only appears if there are Cameras are placed)

    Freddy Mask: Wearing the Freddy Mask will not let you touch anything, freeze you in place, and not let you use any other Tools. (This Tool only appears if a Fnaf 2 Animatronic has been placed)

    Maintenance Panel: Using this tool will pull up a Chat Menu. If one of 3 things (Cameras, Audio, and Ventilation) is broken, then you can reboot it with the Chat Menu. It takes 5 seconds to reboot one thing, and 9 seconds to do the Reboot All option. If Camera's are broken, then the Camera Monitor Tool will not work. If Audio is broken then Audio Lures will not work. If Ventilation is broken, vision will be impared and an Alarm will play. (This Tool will appears if a Fnaf 3 Animatronic has been placed)

    Controlled Shock: Using this tool will drain 2% of power and brighten things up for a second. (This Tool only appears if a Fnaf 5 Animatronic has been placed)


    The Animatronics in this pack are entirely based off of the AI from each of the Fnaf games. They each have things called "Movement Timers", when the timer reaches 0 it will do a check based on their aggression level on whether it should move or not, and reset the Movement Timer.

    Each Animatronic can be roughly separated into 3 Categories: Normal, Free Roam, and Misc.

    Normal AI: This is the most broad category. Animatronics that classify as 'Normal' will walk to each Animatronic Point in the order that they are placed.

    Free Roam AI: Animatronics that are free roam will randomly decide to move to an Animatronic Point that is within 10 blocks of them unless the Animatronic Point is "Stale". Once the Animatronic moves onto an Animatronic Point, that Point becomes stale. If there are no non stale Animatronic points in a 10 block area around the Animatronic, all Stale Animatronic Points will no longer be Stale.

    Misc AI: Only 4 Animatronics qualifie as Misc. A Misc AI just means the Animatronic does not fall under Normal or Free Roam. The Misc Animatronics are The Puppet, Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Fredbear, and Nightmare.

    Animatronics are blank armor stands. The Night Designer can put whatever armor they want onto the Animatronic.

    Animatronic Points are invisible child armor stands, they glow during Night Designer Mode.
    CreditCreated by Chickenwinna with help from Leafesque
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
    toMinecraft 1.16

    09/18/2020 2:37 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Great pack! Quick question, though; Do you know how to set an animatronic's aggression level? Thanks.
    09/30/2020 4:51 pm
    Level 15 : Journeyman Miner
    D4C Datapack Team
    yeah, sorry for not responding earlier, the ai menu is in place animatronic/animatronic point. When you open it you will get a bunch of numbers which allow you to set the ai level of the nearest animatronic. I hope this helped :)
    09/16/2020 8:24 am
    Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
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