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                    Level 24 : Expert Mage
                    Hate those mind-numbing, boring-as-hell default Music Disc tracks? Need some rave beats for a server but don't want to risk lagging the game by opening YouTube (or whatever you use)? I gotcha covered! I changed literally every disc (Including "Pigstep"!) to my favorite jams, so this pack should work for any version. Keyword: SHOULD.

                    I will now list out all the tracks I used:

                    11 -> Groudon's Drought Remix (Pokemon R/S)
                    13 -> Plumeria Remix (Pokemon S/M)
                    Blocks -> Steven Remix (Pokemon R/S)
                    Cat -> Cynthia Remix (Pokemon D/P/Pt)
                    Chirp -> DJ Salvator's Rave Remix (Samurai Jack)
                    Far -> Legendary Beasts Remix (Pokemon G/S/C)
                    Mall -> Aku's Night Club Remix (Samurai Jack)
                    Mellohi -> Rival Remix (Pokemon D/P/Pt)
                    Pigstep -> Pokemon Tower Remix (Pokemon R/B/Y/G)
                    Stal -> Elite Four Remix (Pokemon B/W)
                    Strad -> N's Castle Bridge Remix (Pokemon B/W)
                    Wait -> Gym Leader Remix (Pokemon D/P/Pt)
                    Ward -> Guzma Remix (Pokemon S/M)

                    Come on, people! It's time to

                    (Careful, MEGA might lag your browser!)

                    Volume Two is out now! Find it here!

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                    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
                    toMinecraft 1.17 Snapshot
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