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Catcocomics avatar Catcocomics
Level 41 : Master Bunny
A dark time is approaching.

Willst thou run?
Or fly?

Willst thou sink?
Or Swim?

Willst thou finish?
Or die trying?

And in the end.
Willst thou soar?
Or willst thou suck?

Coming Jan 23.
Have ye what it takes?
Get NN or get out


Minecraft but Ocarina of Time


This data pack is primarily intended for use in Survival Worlds, though an adventure map using a modified version of this data pack may be created some time in the future.

This data pack was created with multiplayer in mind and tested with my friends on my realm.
Not everything will work to the highest degree of perfection, but I have given my all and continue to give my all as I continue my work with the data pack,




All players start with 3 Hearts, and may obtain more my collecting Heart Containers as well as 4 Pieces of Heart, up to a maximum of 20 Hearts.
At 20 Hearts, you may hold Heart Containers and Pieces of Heart without absorbing them, and you will regurgitate any Pieces of Heart still inside of you if you cap off with a Heart Container.

All players start with no Magic capacity, but may increase it by 24 Magic Power twice.
Once you have a capacity of 48 Magic Power, you may hold Magic Upgrade items without absorbing them.

Misc Stats
All players' base damage is reduced to 0 (you can't punch enemies without weapons or strength potions).
All players also receive a base Armor Toughness of 10 to help them survive in the early game.

Resource Pack
Several items in this data pack require the Tale of the Sun Sword resource pack v1.5e or later in order to have their correct appearance.


Gameplay Changes


Fall damage is capped to one heart, though smaller falls may only deal half a heart of damage or none at all.
Until Mojang decides to give us more freedom on inflicting damage, I am forced to use a Withering effect to accomplish this.

You no longer take damage from drowning. Instead, you are given a timer that counts down to 0.
Your time limit before death is 4 seconds for every half heart that remains to you. Wearing a Zora Tunic or entering the water with Water Breathing will prevent this effect.
Comes with a custom death message.

When you enter the Nether, you will be given a timer that counts down to your death similar to Drowning.
The only way to prevent this is to wear a Goron Tunic.

Ammo Storage
Arrows, Bombs, Deku Nuts, and Deku Seeds are stored as scoreboard information per player to help limit carrying capacity as well as prevent inventory clogging.

Loot Tables
Most monsters, grass, non-village chests and other activities like fishing and bartering have modified loot tables. What will you get? Only one way to find out.

Monster and Grass loot tables are based entirely off the 15 monster loot tables in the original Ocarina of Time.

Spin Attack
When you are holding the Kokiri Sword, Master Sword, Giant's Knife, or Biggoron's Sword (and it isn't modified), you may hold sneak to build power in your blade for a Spin Attack.

If you have Magic Power, your may build up a charge equal to the level of Magic Power capacity you have. The bigger the charge, the bigger the area your Spin Attack will cover when you release Sneak.

Charged Spin Attacks cost 1 MP to execute. However, you may also tap Sneak to try for a Quick Spin, which will do a Spin Attack for free, but can't go any stronger than a blue charge.

Spin Attack damage relies solely on which sword you are using. Biggoron's Sword and Giant's Knife will not spin if there is something in your offhand.




Explosives that detonate after 3 seconds
or when in close proximity to certain entities
when dropped by a player.
Fuse extinguishes when in water.
Obtained from Grass and some monsters

Deku Nuts
Natural flash-grenades that you can grow on trees.
Stuns all nearby entities when dropped by a player.
Obtained from Cocoa plants and rarely from spiders

Hero Pants
Unbreakable opaque tights that give you 5 Armor.
"Ordinary" Treasure

Kokiri Tunic
Unbreakable Tunic and Hat in one that each give you 5 Armor.
"Ordinary" Treasure

Kokiri Boots
Unbreakable boots that give you 5 Armor.
"Ordinary" Treasure

Kokiri Sword
Starting weapon, deals 5 damage and has Sweeping 5.
"Ordinary" Treasure

Deku Shield
Unbreakable shield, unless you catch fire.
Not recommended for use in the Nether.
"Ordinary" Treasure

Fairy Slingshot
Unbreakable "crossbow" with quick charge 4.
Uses Deku Seeds, which deal half the damage of normal arrows.
"Ordinary" Treasure

Dampe's Shovel
Unbreakable Iron Shovel with Fortune 1,
deals 5 damage.
"Ordinary" Treasure

Poacher Saw
Unbreakable Iron Axe with Efficienvy 1,
deals 5 damage.
"Ordinary" Treasure

Goron Tunic
Unbreakable Tunic and Hat in one that each give you 5 Armor.
Additionally prevents heat-death in the Nether, prevents
you from burning, and severely reduces all Fire and Lava damage.
"Grand" Treasure

Zora Tunic
Unbreakable Tunic and Hat in one that each give you 5 Armor.
Additionally prevents drowning and bestows Conduit Power.
"Grand" Treasure

Master Sword
Unbreakable Netherite Sword, deals
10 damage and has Sweeping 5.
"Grand" Treasure

Hylian Shield
Unbreakable Shield that doesn't burn.
"Grand" Treasure

Fairy Bow
Unbreakable Bow
"Grand" Treasure

Megaton Hammer
Unbreakable Iron Pickaxe with Fortune 1,
deals 10 damage.
"Grand" Treasure

Special "Crossbow" item that can do many things:
*Spring-loaded chain with 20 meters of range.
*Yoink items and XP orbs from the ground.
*Stun Mobs and Players.
*Murder "frail" mobs.
*Phantom Repellent.
*Latches onto most wooden objects, vines, pumpkins,
melons, and wart blocks, then brings you to that location.
"Grand" Treasure

Iron Boots
Reduces your Movement Speed by 20%, but gives
you 5 Armor, immunity to Knockback, and Immunity to
all Levitation effects.
"Grand" Treasure

Hover Boots
Prevents you from falling for a second when
walking off a ledge or jumping.
*You may sink slightly when the game's TPS is suffering.
*You can't open chests or container blocks while hovering (blame Mojang for this one)
*I did my best to mitigate it, but you can occasionally get launched into orbit if you get
hit while hovering.
"Grand" Treasure

Giant's Knife
Massive Iron Sword that deals 20 damage and has Sweeping 5.
This is a two-handed weapon and must be used with an empty offhand.
Breaks after 2 uses.
"Grand" Treasure

Heart Piece
Collect 4 to make a new Heart Container.
"Grand" Treasure

Biggoron Sword
Massive Iron Sword that deals 20 damage and has Sweeping 5.
This is a two-handed weapon and must be used with an empty offhand.
Never breaks.
"Legendary" Treasure

Mirror Shield
Unbreakable Shield with Thorns 15.
"Legendary" Treasure

Functions exactly the same as the Hookshot, but with
40 meters of range instead of 20.
"Legendary" Treasure

Din's Fire
One of the Goddess Spells, you surround yourself in an
expanding ball of fire than then explodes outwards, dealing
massive damage to everything around you and burning most
non-player entities.
Costs 6 MP.
"Legendary" Treasure

Nayru's Love
One of the Goddess Spells, you surround yourself with an
impervious barrier of magical protection that lingers around
for a while. You can't use any other spells until the barrier fades.
Costs 12 MP.
"Legendary" Treasure

Magic Upgrade
Increases your Magic Power capacity by 24, up to a maximum of 48.
When at max capacity, you may hold these without absorbing them and
can share them with friends who lack magical power.
"Legendary" Treasure

Heart Container
Increases your Hearts by 1, up to a maximum of 20.
"Legendary" Treasure

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by Catcocomics 02/14/2022 9:38:20 pmFeb 14th

+Spin Attack
+Ammo Capacity Upgrades for Bombs, Arrows, and Deku Seeds.
*Players now require a Bomb Bag in order to carry Bombs.
*Chest Loot now gives area-specific items.
*Hook Shot and Long Shot now pull Boats and Minecarts to the player.
*Hook Shot and Long Shot no longer hit their user when aiming down.
*Pointed Dripstone Tips now actively harm entities that walk over them.

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03/03/2022 11:47 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
DukeofShades avatar
I know its TECHNICALLY a different game but I would LOVE to see some of the masks from Majora's Mask, probably just the main transformation ones.
03/06/2022 6:49 pm
Level 41 : Master Bunny
Catcocomics avatar
I could try to implement the Masks for the Happy Mask shop, but unfortunately the current limitations of what can be done in data packs means I can't let people actually turn into gorons or zoras.
03/06/2022 7:52 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
DukeofShades avatar
Ok well please add what you can!
03/06/2022 10:37 pm
Level 41 : Master Bunny
Catcocomics avatar
okie dokie
02/15/2022 1:09 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
vanish gamer go
vanish gamer go avatar
i cant find nothing i have ben playing this for 6 hawers
02/15/2022 11:24 pm
Level 41 : Master Bunny
Catcocomics avatar
you made sure to enable the data pack when creating the world?

Ehh, either way, fishing is always an option.
I haven't added ammo capacity upgrades to the fishing loot pool, but trade off it it's the most reliable way to get more hearts right now.
01/25/2022 10:13 pm
Level 41 : Master Pony
silvitimberwolfisbae avatar
this is awesome this is the zelda datapack i needed this stays true to the ocarina of time game nice work i even installed this in my minecraft world along with the resource pack to make it ocarina of time like
01/25/2022 11:42 pm
Level 41 : Master Bunny
Catcocomics avatar
having to take a little bit of a break with the number of things on my plate, but expect ocarinas and the elemental arrows to be a thing at some point too.

Been trying to get some custom structures in, but any time I mess with one of the vanilla template pools, Minecraft kills itself.
Planet Minecraft


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