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SirUmbrella avatar SirUmbrella
Level 54 : Grandmaster Crafter
This datapack will generate an Infinite dungeon to your world (I recommend using it in superflat or void).

How to set up the datapack?
-first generate a new world (as i mentioned, use a superflat or void.)
- put the datpack into the worlds datapack folder
- type /reload in the chat
- then klick the "start the dungeon generation"
- there you go! You have an infinite dungeon to explore.

What can the datapack offer?
- 60 randomly generated rooms (15 for each area)
- custom mobs
Mob list
-Zombie Miner: a basic mob, doesn't have any special abilities
-Cultist: a low hp mob with fast speed
-Spiderling: a cave spider...
-Spored zombie: have a poisionus cloud around him/her. It can be spread to another nearby zombies.
-Ghost: a mob which only can be seen if you stay near it. Be carefull, it will ALWAYS oneshots you. If you hit the ghost, it will teleports to a random location (in the current room).
-Drowned Miner: A zombie miner, but it is drowned.
-Warped cow: A mob with boosted attack, speed and health.
-Frozen archer: A stray with halved amount of hp, but incredibly high defense.
-Hybernated miner: A zombie miner with boosted attack, high knockbak resisitance, defense and hp.
-Obsidian golem: This mob doesn't suffer knockbak. Furthermore potion effects don't work on it.
-Infected crawler: A supportive mob with incredibly high hp and low damage. It gives immunity to direct attacks and strenght, slowness effect to all mobs around him. Furthermore it gives the player slowness too. Only if he/she near it.
-Infected: A mob wich is spreading desase. If it touch you, it can give the plague effect to you.
-mutant: An enchanced version of the infected. It always gives you plage effect.
-spirit: Dont go near it, it will attack, and give you a stron weakness effect.
-cactus: A spiky mutant cactus. It has a chanse to damage back, when hit.
-Bandit: It is basically a pillager....
-corrupted elf: it is an elf which posessed by dark magic. If it hits you, you will recive negative effects.
-controlled man: controlled by the yellow shroom spore. If its killed, leave a spreading cloud behind. Don't go in it.
-evil tower: can shoot leaser, and deal a MASSIVE amount of damage. Kill its core, to destroy it.
-guardian: a stone figure, which protecting the old portals. It won't be effected by effects.
-mud gnome: a small and anoying creature. It will yump out from the earth, and run you down.
-miner worm: this little entity dug out a lot of goodies. Kill it to take those.
-swamp spirit: This flying spirit will make you rage, i guarantee.
-armored guard: nothing special, just a guard.
-brute: a very stubborn fella, can't kill it so easely.
-witchy witch: just a regular witch
-archer: a ranged opponent.
-shining knight: his beautifull armor and horse gives courage his men around it gaining resistance, speed and strength, until his horse dies. (He can't be damaged until then too)
-royal guard: it is a strong boi, ho can easely shread your armor and knock you back.
- living statue: they won't attack, till you provoke them with something
-gladiator: they are used to fighting so they cant tank a lot of hits.

Boss mobs:
-Spider Mother: A spider with incredibly high hp. If it being attacked, it has a chance to spawn 1-2 spiderling.

-High Priest: It has high hp and speed boost. When this mob being attacked it has a chance to teleport behind the attacker and give himself strenght for 2 secounds.
-Jake Mc'Carpenter: A skillfull boss who can change its weapon, depending how far you are.
-Lusie McCarpenter: She loves ranged combat. If you try to attack her, she will usually dash back and throw a potion.
-Barum Mc'Carpenter: A stronk man. Dont let hit you, beacuse he will get extra buffs for a short duration if he can do that.
-Doctor: A crazy man skillful in potions. When you hit him, he has a chance to spread clones all over the room. Only one of them is the real doctor.
-Corrupting witch: an evil being, who tries to take over the underground. It has many tricks under his hat. For example: summoning minions.
-Crazed spiritsahman: This evil man is a master of totems. He created 4 protection totem. You can't damage him, until you destroyed the statues.
-Mr.Clown: It is really hard to catch, because you never know when it is there and when it is not. Once you meet him, he can sometimes appear in different rooms, bringing with him different events.
-Elite warrior: An incredibly strong rider who cannot be hurt until you have killed his rider. But he's still pretty strong after that.
-Black knight: Don't let it hurt you, because it's powerful enough to throw you far away, and it can do a lot of damage to your armour. It is almost impossible to wound with long-range weapons.

- custom items/mobdrops
Item list
- Poision blob: Dropped by the spiderlings. Can be used in trades.
- Poisionus spore: Dropped by the Spored zombie. Can be used in trades.
- Lucky gem: a rare item. It gives luck, when in offhand.
- Phoenix flame: the rarest item. Can be used in trades.
- Mystery key: can be found in loot chests.
- Brown shroom spore: Dropped by the Infected crawler Can be used in trades.
- Frozen flesh: Dropped by the Hybernated miner. It can be cooked or eaten.
- Pure Crystal Water: Can be found in loot chests. It gives armor boost when it is the offhand.
- Forgotten helmet: Gives +1 attack when on head.
- Corrupted soul piece: dropped by the Cultist, spirit, and the corrupted elf. Can be used in trades.
- Diseased liver: Dropped by the infected and the mutant. It can be used in trades.
- Cactus juice: dropped by the cactus, it can be used in trades.
- Lock pick: A variant of the mistery key for the plagued zone.
-minerworm meat: dropped by the minerworm, it can be used in trades.
-soul core: dropped by the guardian and the mud golem. It can be used in trades.
-yellow shroom spore: dropped by the controlled man. It can be used in trades.
-ancient artifact: you can open the old portals with this. Just drop into them the item.
-witch boots: gives you slow falling effect
-mistery books: you can recive passive effects from them.
-door key: can be used to open some of the doors.
-pure shards: good for trading.
-bomb/funny bomb: drop it to create an explosion

- custom enchantments. (These don't work on players)
Enchantment list
- poision/wither: withers the target
- slow: slows the target
- sick: if the target is slowed, it gives a strong wither effect to it.
- fire ring: creates a ring of fire around you, which constantly damages foes.
- phoenix furry: sets the target on fire. This enchantments effect spreads to every nearby mob.
- telekinesis: gives levitation effect to the foe.
- poision bounce: if you getting poisioned, it removes it. Then it gives a painfull wither effect all mobs around you.
- rampage: gives you buffs by killing an enemy mob.
- plague: low chance to give the plague effect to a non-plagued mob. After some time the plagued mob instantly dies. (it can affect everything besides the final boss)
- weakness: it gives the weakness effect to the foe.
- saltwater curse: applied to the trident. When it is on the ground, it will create a slowing, and damaging zone.
- protection: gives you resistance effect
-block: prevent the enemy to recive potion effects (even negatives too)
-slayer: deals huge damage to boosted mobs
-justice: If you hit something, all opponents around the target will also get one on their head.
-weakening: weakens all of your enemys around you.

-passive effects:
passive effects list:
-Thief master: whenever you kill somebody, you may recive an extra item.
-sharp eye: you are weak in close combat, but if you shoot somebody with an arrow over 20 blocks... you will deal a lot of damage.
-frosty body: slows everybody around you.
-coward power: if somebody hits you, you start sprinting and you recive weakness effect.
-Order: Defense: You need a full set of armor, to enjoy the benefit of this passive
-Order: OFFENSE: don't wear any armor, to taste the power of this passive
-Crazy clown: kill something, to get a boost, when something dies by your hand, you have a small chance to get a funny bomb.
- XP Grinder: whenever you kill something, you will get 10 extra xp.

#note: only one can be activated at a time.

- different areas
list of the areas
- mines: alwas the first area
- wastelands: a terrible plague is infecting this place. Watch out!
- enchanted forest: an underground, magical forest with a lot of enemies.
- castle: It's a heavily guarded structure, so getting through it won't be easy.

- Custom crafting recipes
Custom crafting recipes
Golden apple

totem of golden nosed villagers

Exp bottle

Works with most of the swords

New crafing recipe

Progression troughout the dungeon:
- As you progress through the dungeon, you'll get better loot in the chests, but be careful! The mobs will also get stronger! Monsters will receive 1/4 of the rooms you explore as hp for 1/8 more damage: so that means monsters in the 8 rooms will have one more attack damage and two more health points. You can run into boosted mobs, indicated by a purple particle cloud. They will receive half the number of rooms you explore as life for 1/4 the number of rooms you explore as damage. So by the 8th room, they have 4 hp points and 2 more damage. (The maximum hp is 1024, while the damage is 2048. Because the game does not allow more)

I has been tested in multiplayer (Not deeply tho, so there can be bugs, bit not gamegreaking)
Server hosting which i used to test it: Aternos.org

- Whenever a new room generates, it can cause a nasty lag spike, so be aware of that. (It can be reduced if you set your Render distance to: 5-9)
- If you put in the datapack to your world folder, but it doesn't works. Type in the chat: /reload
- this datapack is only compatible with 1.17

If you want to play with this in a survival vorld check out my other datapack, which is similar to this:
Click here

(Sorry for the bad english)

!If you use my pack in a video or in a stream, please give me credit! If you upload it somewhere, mention me and give a link to this website! Thank you!

Also if you find any bugs please, dropp a comment.

Webpages used:
CreditCredit to Dust1n, who helped me a lot to create most of the rooms.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

9 Update Logs

1.19 support + new tunnels : by SirUmbrella 06/18/2022 4:44:27 amJun 18th

  • The generation using the new /place command now, making it less laggy (hopefully)
  • Added tunnel variants to the areas (each got 4)

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05/05/2022 10:51 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Akiira avatar
Please update, it's such an excellent data pack! :)
05/08/2022 3:17 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Crafter
SirUmbrella avatar
I am doing my exams at the moment, so I don't have much time to work on datapacks, but I have a pretty good update planned (if I like the way it turns out, it will be released.)
03/24/2022 5:10 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice System
_wither232 avatar
lets say i did the command to spawn the dungeon in the nether, would it spread ro the overworld
03/25/2022 9:16 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Crafter
SirUmbrella avatar
No, but the gamerules will be appllied to both worlds.
03/06/2022 4:20 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Miner
Onlykabach avatar
btw it has miistake in the final dialoge

03/24/2022 5:10 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice System
_wither232 avatar
miistake lol
03/06/2022 4:04 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Miner
Onlykabach avatar
what is Strange key for?
03/06/2022 4:13 pmhistory
Level 12 : Journeyman Miner
Onlykabach avatar
go to the closed door in the pass throw rooms at the waste lands and click yes
03/06/2022 4:13 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Miner
Onlykabach avatar
02/04/2022 10:49 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Extreme1106 avatar
Really cool concept, can you somehow make this more compatible with your other data packs such as level up and stuff? Being able to make Minecraft basically become a dungeon crawler using a multitude of data packs would be so cool it just seems to work really odd.
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