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Infinite Experience, never worry about xp again!

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Required Resource Pack
DarkWolfZachary avatar DarkWolfZachary
Level 47 : Master Wolf
Have you ever wanted to not have to go around and kill mobs or waste time getting experience? With this datapack you have experience for the entire game so you never have to worry about how many levels something will take. The experience level for your player is set to 1000 which is enough for anything using experience. When you take away experience by enchanting or other it automatically refills. Because you don't need them experience orbs and bottles of enchanting are disabled. Currently mending is not supported but will be soon in the feature. The reasousepack makes sure even if there is lag your view will be seemless. More specifications:

Tested Versions:
Likely-to-work Versions:

Put the datapack on the world you would like to have it on and enable the reasorcepack. Run /reload and if you see something like in the image bellow then the datapack is correctly installed.

Infinite Experience, never worry about xp again! Minecraft Data Pack

New version that supports mending will be released soon!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.19

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