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Infinitely Renewable Ores! (OreGenerator [1.18x])

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TheDiamondPlayables avatar TheDiamondPlayables
Level 76 : Legendary Programmer
Introducing: OreGenerator!
OreGenerator is a datapack that adds a way to generate lots of ores late-game.
More Details:
- Generate ores with the new OreGenerator.
+ To build the OreGenerator, throw a Netherite Block on top of a Blast Furnace.
+ To start the OreGenerator, fire up the Blast Furnace (by smelting things) and place either Stone, Nylium, Deepslate or Polished Blackstone on top of it. It'll start making random ores based on the blocks you put in.

- Works well with my other datapacks!
- Works in Multiplayer!
Have fun!
Download OreGenerator for other versions:
[​OreGenerator 1.17x]
Please note that OreGenerator's features is different each version,
as they were designed from scratch every time I update it to a new version.
As always, check the pack's description to see if there are any differences.
By installing this or any other packs that I made, you agree to the terms set by this license:
Infinitely Renewable Ores! (OreGenerator [1.18x]) Minecraft Data Pack
Some Exceptions:
You can make a video using my datapack, which can be monetized.
However, you need to leave a PlanetMinecraft download link of the pack
in the description of your video.
Special thanks to my Patrons for supporting me during OreGenerator's development:

Gold Patrons: (15$/month)
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Iron Patrons: (5$/month)

Marcio Moura
Shak Whill
Asher Blackman
Wood Patrons: (1$/month)
Andrew J Pollard
Sheng Xin
Ludovic Fernandez
Vince Long
Michal C
Logan Schoon
Joao Ferreira
Eva Olofsson

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Infinitely Renewable Ores! (OreGenerator [1.18x]) Minecraft Data Pack
You can also find me on:
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(Same time as the Patreon's Early Access Release)
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Infinitely Renewable Ores! (OreGenerator [1.18x]) Minecraft Data Pack
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

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01/13/2022 4:38 pm
Level 1 : New Network
Infinite2468 avatar
can generate netherite?
01/13/2022 7:52 pm
Level 76 : Legendary Programmer
TheDiamondPlayables avatar
I figured "using Netherite to get more Netherite" works better in a tower-defense game more than it does in a survival game, even in the endgame phase.

If you want to make more OreGenerators, you need to get more Netherite yourself.
01/15/2022 3:17 am
Level 1 : New Miner
John_Roboeye avatar
Wait so no netherite dupe?
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