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Install Vanilla Worldedit for Minecraft 1.13! (no mods) Downloads starting on August 18th - Trailer

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    Stevertus's Avatar Stevertus
    Level 63 : High Grandmaster Programmer
    The vanilla Version of Worldedit for Minecraft is ready to be published on August 18th!

    Website: www.stevertus.com

    This is a recreation of Worldedit in Vanilla Minecraft 1.13 with datapacks.

    The worldedit tools for vanilla Minecraft 1.13 make an easier and better building possible. They provide the basis for creative constructions. The package includes many tools, like Brushes, geometric shapes, structure generation, lines and much more. Everything without having to
    install annoying mods or plugins. The Tools are incredible easy to use and let you customize your Packs through the Packet Manager. This guaranties you compatibility, too.

    Each week I will release a new tool for Worldedit vanilla and you will be able then to download and install it then.
    But you have to wait a short time until it is fully done.

    So stay with me and on August 18th I am going to release the first tool.
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13

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    04/09/2019 10:56 am
    Level 48 : Master Dinosaur
    Sir_Craftypants's Avatar
    Can this be used on 1.13.2 yet and can it work with Schematics from www.minecraft-schematics.com?
    09/25/2018 5:00 pm
    Level 22 : Expert Explorer
    ShastaGaming16's Avatar
    Does this mod let us paste pre-made schematics?
    09/26/2018 12:23 pm
    Level 63 : High Grandmaster Programmer
    Stevertus's Avatar

    First off: This is not a mod.

    But it will support the vanilla structures, kinda like schematics with an advanced menu.

    -> Stay tuned for this Saturday