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                    avatar Enderpalm
                    Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
                    play_circle_filled Inventory Keeper Datapack by Enderpalm.

                      This datapack will create an invnetory keeper to store your stuff when you died, the keeper will create slightly different depends on your dimension respectively as:
                        ◆ In the Nether : It will create smooth quartz slab as base.
                        ◆ In the Overworld : It will create cobbblestone slab as base.
                        ◆ In the End : It will create purpur slab as base.

                      assessment If you died in the void (such as: falling to the void in the end), it will create 3x3 base then create the keeper for you.
                      wb_cloudy To get your stuff back, stand on the keeper and look down directly to it, then sneak. The keeper'll be removed and your stuff is back!!
                      Note : Your Experience Orbs won't be protected in the keeper, they just stay there where you died. (May be as a next feature).

                      Note(2) : Sorry for my English. :(
                    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
                    toMinecraft 1.17 Snapshot

                    10/29/2020 10:31 pmhistory
                    Level 17 : Journeyman Miner
                    Can you add the coordinates that is where the keeper is?
                    Does it safe from the lava?
                    I wish the datapack will kill nearby hostile mobs near the keeper to prevent those mobs from camping the player's stuff?
                    Because camping mobs are cheating.
                    No camping, monsters!
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