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JHM2 - Jole's Hard Mode II

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joleman11 avatar joleman11
Level 15 : Journeyman Miner
Are you bored of how easy vanilla Minecraft is and want to experience something fresh? Jole's Hard Mode II does just that! This data pack's purpose is to increase the difficulty and nerf cheesing everything.

Optimized and compatible with single player and multiplayer. I highly recommend to play on a new world. Also may break other data packs,

1) Simply add the data pack "jhm2.zip" during the world creation screen.


-The hunger system has been overhauled
-You no longer have to passively eat food.
-As such you no longer starve to death or natuarally regenerate health.
-Food heals health directly.
-In order to optimally heal you need to let your hunger bar drop to as low as possible.

-Raw food does not heal health.

-Beds no longer skip the night

-Mobs spawn with random armor more frequently
-The Deep Dark and weather increase chances further
-Leather armor can be randomly dyed.
-Iron and diamond armor appear much more commonly.
-Drop rate has been changed to 1% in order to offset this.

-Mobs always spawn with buffed weapons
-0% drop rate to avoid farming.

-Crossbow welding enemies do more damage than usual

[​The Overworld]

-Cats have been remerged with ocelots

-Evokers no longer drop the Totem of Undying in raids
-Ravagers and Striders no longer drop saddles naturally

-Wandering Traders no longer spawn with Llamas in order to stop lead farming
-Wandering Traders now buy copper and amethyst

-Villagers no longer reduce their prices when cured

-Naturally spawning Villages are always pillaged
-All Villages no longer spawn with hay bales
-Savanna Villages no longer spawn with those ugly farm paths

-Adult Zombies and Husks sprint when pursuing a target

-Normal Creepers have the same blast radius as Charged Creepers

-Spiders are faster, stronger and tanks

-Thrown Drowned Tridents always have Channeling

-Wolves and Axolotls have been buffed
-Increased damage and defense.
-Wolves move faster.

-Desert Temples have been overhauled (Credits to @_Jun_Jun_ on PlanetMinecraft for the original build)

-Woodland Mansions have significantly stronger loot
-All of the empty/lame chests now have loot inside.
-Pillagers and Illusioners naturally spawn inside the Mansion.

-Phantoms can spawn in random larger sizes

-Killer Rabbits now spawn naturally

[​The Nether]

-The Nether roof deals Instant Damage every second

-Wither Skeletons can spawn with Bows

-Blazes are now tanks coated in Thorns

-Ghasts have more powerful explosions

[​The End]

-The End fight is slightly harder
-All Ender Crystals spawn caged
-The Ender Dragon is more resistant to explosions

-Enderman and the Ender Dragon spit toxic breath when attacked by the player
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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