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Kelpless (stop kelp growth)

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    Valkon avatar Valkon
    Level 52 : Grandmaster Modder
    Is kelp overgrowth killing your nice ocean views?
    Well Kelpless is here to stop that useful but invasive plant in it's tracks!

    This is a utility datapack with functions for stopping and starting kelp growth within a large square area around the executor of the function (usually the player).

    This works by running lots of fill commands that replace only kelp blocks (which are the head of the plant).
    • The stop function replaces the top kelp block with one that has a max age of 25.
    • The start function replaces the top kelp block with water, so the block below can continue to grow.
      Note: that single block kelp plants will be removed completely.
    This is meant to be used as soon as you enter an ocean area.
    It can't fix kelp that's been left for a while and is already all fully grown - for that you'll need to cut it all back, let it grow for a bit and then run the stop function when you're happy with the general height.

    The functions only modify from ocean height (y=62) down, so it wont touch kelp farms on land, but ocean based kelp farms could be adversely affected by the stop function.

    Tested and working in 1.13 and 1.14.4 (everything in between should work too)

    How to use the functions:
    /function kelpless:256/stop
    /function kelpless:256/start
    This will modify a 256x256 block square, which is equivalent to 16x16 chunks or a render distance of 8. You may want to run this size from multiple spots (it doesn't mater if they overlap), or use the next functions.

    /function kelpless:512/stop
    /function kelpless:512/start
    This will modify a 512x512 block square, which is equivalent to 32x32 chunks or a render distance of 16. To make sure all chunks are loaded, set your render distance to 16+ (you can lower it again after) before running the functions.

    /function kelpless:x/..Don't directly run the functions inside the "x" folder, as they are just sub functions used by the main ones above.


    While these function are relatively safe (they only change top kelp blocks), they do modify large areas, which can't be completely undone! So make sure you backup your world before proceeding.
    I am not responsible for what you do in your Minecraft world!

    Final note: stopping kelp growth gives a bit of a performance boost, as it reduces chunk updates. Mojang should think about stopping the growth of generated kelp until it's broken by a player (there's a suggestion submitted).

    Oh and check out my other packs!
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.14

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    08/03/2019 4:12 am
    Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
    ReeceBar avatar
    Anychance you can make a datapack that can set their growth only up to 8 blocks, and if you can do the same for bamboo, manly for lag reduction and for navigation?
    08/04/2019 6:23 pm
    Level 52 : Grandmaster Modder
    Valkon avatar
    While that's technically possible, it would be quite tricky to do over a large area. l'll give some thought to a solution, but no promises.

    I do have code that completely removes kelp from an area (used for testing). So if lag reduction and navigation is more important to you than having kelp, I could add that code to this pack.

    Bamboo - generated bamboo is already set not to grow until broken (which is what this pack does for kelp). Lag and low FPS in Jungles is to do with all the semi-transparent blocks (tree/bamboo leaves and vines). Like above, cutting the bamboo back to only be a certain height would be tricky, but removing it completely is possible (perhaps a separate datapack for kelp, bamboo and vine removal?).
    08/04/2019 8:20 pm
    Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
    ReeceBar avatar
    While I don't want anything removed, kelp for turtle capturing, bamboo for pandas, ect. I only want, for lag reduction and visibility reasons, for them to only grow to about 8 blocks.

    So, like you said in the 3rd paragraph, bamboo is set to not grow until broken, does this mean farming them is still possible, and do they still appear in the world but simple cannot grow?
    08/05/2019 2:15 am
    Level 52 : Grandmaster Modder
    Valkon avatar
    I'm thinking that for visibility and travel, removing the amount (density) of bamboo/kelp would be better than limiting the height huh?

    A quick test in a flat world of cutting bamboo height to 8 gave very little performance gain.

    And yes naturally generated bamboo doesn't grow, only broken or planted ones. Mojang should do the same for kelp imho.
    08/06/2019 12:25 am
    Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
    ReeceBar avatar
    So we can still see and plant them, but they wont grow if naturally gen? Also, since the jungle has issues with fps due to transparancy with the trees, any chance you can make something that makes just jungle trees fully solid?
    08/06/2019 1:00 amhistory
    Level 52 : Grandmaster Modder
    Valkon avatar
    Correct the bamboo you find in jungles doesn't grow unless broken.

    Yes a texture pack could remove transparency from jungle leaves only. I'll give it a go when I have time.

    EDIT: tested a Jungle with all transparent blocks removed didn't improve performance that much. So I was wrong. Not totally sure what the issue is, but it could be leaf decay and vine growth. Can't help any further sorry.
    08/01/2019 5:59 am
    Level 45 : Master Pirate
    NightJasian avatar
    it could be look odd on the surface but under water,it beautiful so no
    08/01/2019 7:45 pm
    Level 52 : Grandmaster Modder
    Valkon avatar
    I'd argue that lots of fully grown kelp everywhere is even worse when under water, as you can't see anything else.
    07/26/2019 8:47 amhistory
    Level 62 : High Grandmaster Wolf Whisperer
    Myyoyo avatar
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