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Super Ultra Hardcore by Kyu and Q(Harder survival, Unique Boss, Structures, Custom Crafting, Random Events, Multiple difficulties, 1.20.3, Multiplayer Compatible, Boris)

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Kyu_And_Q's Avatar Kyu_And_Q
Level 43 : Master Magical Girl
SUHC(Super Ultra Hardcore) is a datapack designed to provide a harder survival experience for the player. The goal is to survive the harsher minecraft world, which progressively scales in difficulty as time passes.

There are many, many tweaks to the difficulty, along with custom mobs, items, loot tables, and many custom structures. SUHC is based around Ultra Hardcore, but there is a lower difficulty for players for whom this is their first experience with anything UHC-related.

SUHC has been in development for quite a long while, and we've done tons of playtesting! Give it a try and give us some feedback!

There is an optional resource pack .zip located in both of the download links, which just contains music for our boss! Music credit is located further down in the post.

(btw if you just want our standalone bossfight, go here: www.planetminecraft.com/project/cadeyrn-the-wretched-boss-fight-multiplayer-compatible/)


  • A unique, challenging boss fight(mini-trailer thing here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=naA3JYDduOY )!
  • Tons of difficulty tweaks(potion rework, mob drop/loot table reworks, mob upgrades, etc).
  • Mob Progression(mobs become stronger over time).
  • 50+ custom crafting recipes.
  • A bunch of custom items.
  • 22 custom structures that spawn as you explore the world.
  • Mobs with custom abilities/effects(Zombies that group up gain the ability to break blocks, creepers can chain explode nearby creepers, etc). Maybe a witch or two to vex you, or some skeletons to rain down hellfire upon you.
  • Multiple custom loot tables, both for mobs and for structures(including vanilla minecraft structures!).
  • Mini luck rework(luck actually effects loot from some mobs and all chests, and there are new items that grant luck).
  • 48 Random events(mobs may randomly gain temporarily upgrades, major/minor natural disasters may occur, etc).
  • A more challenging survival experience.
  • Nether corruption(coming out of the nether may spread nether around the portal area).
  • Boris
NOTE: One VERY important note - This datapack should only be used in a new world! Using it on a world where you already have stuff will cause mayhem and destroy your beloved stuff!

*Note again: Do this on a newly created world. This datapack is meant to be played on a fresh survival world.

Download the .zip above(kyuandqssuhc.zip), and move it into the datapacks folder that is located in your world file. Then, right click and do 'extract here'. Join the world, type "/reload", and there you go! There's a little important readme that will popup in-game after you type it, it's very important that you read it!
(this is what it should look like in the datapacks folder)
Super Ultra Hardcore by Kyu and Q(Harder survival, Unique Boss, Structures, Custom Crafting, Random Events, Multiple difficulties, 1.20.3, Multiplayer Compatible, Boris) Minecraft Data Pack
Alternatively, there is also a pre-made ready to play world available to download, just download the zip, put it in your saves file, and do 'extract here'. Then hop into the world, and press the button directly in front of you to begin! The premade world works in 1.20.3+, if you want one that works in 1.14/1.15/1.16/1.17/1.19.3/1.19.4/1.20.1 then check out the Legacy Downloads a bit below.

NOTE: In order to type '/reload' your world/server must have cheats enabled/done by a server op. If you forgot to enable cheats when you created the world, you can open the server in LAN with cheats enabled by going into the world, pressing Esc, and then clicking 'open to LAN' and having cheats enabled in there.
Note 2: If you are on multiplayer, command blocks must be enabled in the server properties.

To change the difficulty, type "/function minecraft:changedifficulty". The difficulty will be toggled, and you will be prompted with a message telling you the difference between the difficulties.

For other settings, such as turning off hardcore mode or grief-y stuff, type "/function minecraft:overridechecksettings"
for the list of settings that can be changed. To change them, type "/function minecraft:override", and the autofill will show you the list of settings that can be changed(entering the command will toggle the setting between on and off):
Super Ultra Hardcore by Kyu and Q(Harder survival, Unique Boss, Structures, Custom Crafting, Random Events, Multiple difficulties, 1.20.3, Multiplayer Compatible, Boris) Minecraft Data Pack

If you want hardcore mode on but want a certain amount of lives, type "/scoreboard players remove @s KyuDeath 1", with the number being the amount of extra lives that you want.

Legacy/Previous Version Downloads
These are downloads to older version(s) of premade worlds:
https://www.mediafire.com/file/djcsqm9luy6kas7/Premade_SUHC_World9.zip/file (works in 1.14)

https://www.mediafire.com/file/a5yjay4dk6k5rc5/Premade_SUHC_World10.zip/file (works in 1.15.2)

https://www.mediafire.com/file/ax3amaqc9th8a51/Premade_SUHC_World17.zip/file (works in 1.16.4)
https://www.mediafire.com/file/x817w1wlorc01ro/Premade_SUHC_World19.zip/file (works in 1.17.2)
https://www.mediafire.com/file/fwe8u2kmq5n2osx/Premade_SUHC_World20.zip/file (works in 1.19.3, NOT 1.19.4)
https://www.mediafire.com/file/06sxurud4gjb4d5/Premade_SUHC_World21.zip/file (works in 1.19.4, NOT 1.19.3 and below)
https://www.mediafire.com/file/61ncbsttpbrq367/Premade_SUHC_World22.zip/file (works in 1.20.1)

Credit goes to Mudeth for giving us permission to use his music in this map! You can find him(and the specific track) here: mudeth.bandcamp.com/track/the-hammer-of-pompeii-necropolis

This datapack works with 1.20.3+, with downloads to older versions that will work in 1.14.4/1.15.2/1.16.4/1.17.2/1.19.3/1.19.4/1.20.1(above). When you do '/reload' you will be given a few notes and a disclaimer - It is VERY important that you read this!!!
If you're curious, here's a link to our WIP wiki: https://kyuandqsuhc.fandom.com/wiki/Kyu&Q's_SUHC(Super_Ultra_Hardcore)_Minecraft

If you have any comments, questions, or bugs to report, please comment below or message us!
Alternatively, you can also join our discord( discord.gg/MPsTcvu ) if you don't have an account here!
Any feedback/criticisms are 'super ultra' appreciated!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
toMinecraft 1.20

18 Update Logs

Version 1.5.3(12/05/2023) - Cool Bug Patch's : by Kyu_And_Q 12/05/2023 8:33:55 pmDec 5th, 2023

Howdy. The past few minecraft updates have completely annihilated this datapack. We missed a few major bugs last update introduced with 1.20.1, then 1.20.2 broke all mob effects and potion effects, totaling ~450 instances, and finally 1.20.3 straight up broke the ENTIRE datapack. We've spent the past 5 or so weeks combing through every aspect of the datapack, trying to ensure we squashed all bugs...And then 1.20.3 came out and introduced a LOT more, but we didn't want to spend another couple weeks re-combing the whole datapack while it was completely unusable. We fixed all the ones we could find on short-ish(a few days) notice, and we are giving it to you right now.

So, here we are. There's bound to be more 1.20.3-related bugs we didn't catch, but...we fixed a lot of others.

P.S. This will ONLY WORK IN 1.20.3.

Version 1.5.3(12/05/2023) - Cool Bug Patch's

**Main changes:**

-...Undid the 1.20.3 destruction of the datapack. Untold amounts of damage occurred here.
- (most of)The giant spam text at the start of SUHC has been put into a book that is given to the player, where they can either read it or have it output to their chatbox(same as it used to be). This book also keeps track of current/past mob progression!
- Changed a couple dozen custom items to have better matching colors for their names/descriptions. They also have had their descriptions changed a bit to better describe their item, and to be a bit smaller so players using large GUI scales can read them a bit easier

Spellbook Changes:
- Certain spells can now be 'primed', which allows the player to get a spell ready in advance and activate it(by sneaking) right as they need it. Multiple spells can be primed at once
- Fixed a bug where updating the spellbook with a new spell would sometimes cause the book to go to another player
- Unlocking a spell no longer resets the inventory position of the spellbook
- Attempting to unlock a spell/spell upgrade that is already unlocked will now tell the player that they have already unlocked it
- The player can now unlock multiple spells in a row without having to switch to the spellbook between each unlock
- Fixed an issue(how many times must this happen...?) where sometimes spells could not be unlocked

Cadeyrn changes:
- Cadeyrn's "aggro range" when starting the fight has been fixed
- Fixed a bug where the Soul Steal attack wasn't working properly, in multiple ways
- Fixed a rare issue where the phase 2 transition would bug out
- The Charge Slash attack no longer sometimes damages twice, and it now properly works with shield-blocking
- After an arena reset(if no players are inside), rejoining the fight will cause Cadeyrn to initiate with an attack sooner rather than later
- Attempting to shield-block the 'Get over here!' attack should work a bit more consitently
- The fight arena and treasure room now have custom biomes set for them, which gives a bit of extra spooky ambience and prevents unwanted mob spawns
- A portal to Cadeyrn's treasure room now appears in the Nether Shop after the Cadeyrn boss fight...Watch your step ;)
- After defeating Cadeyrn, his chat text should now correctly show his post-defeat name
- The Fire Wave and Giant Bone Throw attacks in Phase 1, and the Giant Fireball attack in Phase 2 have all been made to be less performance-intensive

Structure changes:
- Skele Outpost:
  - Moved some of the precious ore blocks around, added a bunch of barrels containing various custom arrows.
  - The chest at the top has been moved to the center of the structure, and has improved loot
  - The mob spawners spawn mobs a bit less frequently, and the max amount of nearby mobs has been reduced

- Graveyard structure:
  - The mob spawners spawn mobs a bit less frequently, and have a lower activation range
  - Buried chests now have actual loot
  - The zombie spawns now wear cool hats, to protect them from the sun

- Strange/Danger Mushroom House:
  - Made it more ugly, for fun. Has the side effect of preventing the villagers from instantly running out of the structure and dying to zombies

- Log Cabin:
  - Chest inside the house now has loot

- Hunting Blind:
  - Added a few more barrels containing various custom arrows

Misc changes/bugfixes:
- Fixed a major issue that would impact the mob cap on many worlds, sometimes to the point where mobs would completely stop spawning
- Fixed all instances of mobs spawning with status effects(~110 instances of status effects)
- Fixed all instances of custom potion effects(~330 instances of potion effects)
- Fixed a bunch of typos/instances of weird capitalization
- Reloading the datapack the first few times should no longer fail to show the current patch
- Various command blocks and functions have been made to be a bit more efficient
- Fixed a bug that prevented the Crafting Forge from being placed
- Fixed a bug that made the giant desert pyramid structure fail to spawn
- Fixed a bug that made the Fishing Platform structure fail to spawn
- Fixed a bug where Elite Creepers would frequently change their elite type
- Players should now consistently be put back into survival after they complete/leave the desert pyramid structure
- Markers spawned by the 'Strip Mine' item now correctly perish. You might have experienced some lag if you used a lot of these in the same area of the world
- When the player receives an item from the Rare Drop Table('You have received an additional drop!'), they will now be told what they were given
- 'Surprise' nuggets can no longer be obtained from the Nether Shop's "Random Item" purchase
- Fixed a bug where Night Vision Goggles obtained from Buried Treasure wouldn't work
- Buffed some custom item rates from certain chests. I'm too lazy to type all the changes here
- Players who accidentally place certain custom items(such as Cadeyrn's Soul Lantern or Nature's Gift) will have the item returned to their inventory in working condition
- Certain blocks can no longer be found inside the roots of the giant underground tree structure(Water, Sandstone, Amethyst, Lapis)
- Fixed an issue where trying to wake the villagers in the giant underground tree structure would sometimes cause them to clip through the wall of the tree(and then probably die)
- The Slowfall feather and the Spring Loaded module now activate on a quicker timer
- The Bunker structure now spawns as its non-destroyed variant a bit more commonly
- Fishing rods can now be sacrificed in the Enchanted Cavern
- Fixed a bug(:D) where spiders were getting their first health upgrade a day late(on Day 8; it is now correctly Day 7)
- Fixed an issue where Ghasts were getting their creeper fireballs a day early
- Fixed an issue where tier 3 spider poison was the same damage as tier 2
- Fixed certain Hard Mode Daily buff texts to correctly include Piglin Brutes
- Spider Mob Mentality should work more consitently now, especially on servers with many people
- Fixed an issue where the Potent Spider wasn't applying its poison effect at all
- The Agile Zombie now has a visible name to distinguish them from regular zombies
- Fixed an issue where Vile Zombies weren't poisoning the player
- Fixed an issue where the Creeper Zombie failed to spawn
- Fixed an issue where the Strong Spider failed to spawn
- The Void Husk has his particle effects again
- Fixed the show recipe text for the Bountiful Buffet module
- Meteor storms can now be turned on in normal mode...if you want to do that for some reason
- Toggling the override command for meteor storms now stops any in-progress meteor storms
- Fixed a bug where the Invisible Creepers event wasn't working...for multiple reasons.
- Fixed a bug where the Super Hostile event wasn't making zombie pigmen hostile
- Fixed a bug where the 'HELLFIRE' event wasn't happening
- Fixed an issue where many random events that spawned/modified mobs weren't giving them temporary persistence
- The Lightning Bolt event no longer kills certain items
- The Skeleton Gear, Zombie Gear, and Void Calls events no longer reset entity tags
- The Skeleton Gear and Zombie Gear events now include strays/husks
- Fixed a bug where the 'Cackling Creepers' event mobs were doing *way* more damage than intended
- The 'Thunderstruck' and 'HELLFIRE' events(and by extension, Hard Mode Daily Skeleton Fireballs) no longer affect custom arrows shot by the player(which would almost always result in instant self-damage), or prevent the TNT Crossbow from functioning
- During the 'Thunderstruck' event, Elite Skeletons will once again apply their respective status effects to their lightning projectiles
- The Etherium Bloodbolt no longer requires a damage pot to buy, and it now deals only 1/4 heart of damage upon firing instead of 1/2 heart
- The Etherium Bloodbolt now passes through more partially-solid blocks such as rails, signs, all plants, all redstone components, etc
- The Etherium Lightning Bolt calculates its damage a bit differently now, so it more reliably kills mobs in groups
- The Etherium Lightning Bolt can no longer target display entities, markers, or armor stands(oops >.>)
- The TNT Crossbow, both bloodbolt variants, and the Alchemical Crossbow all now refund the player an arrow upon use
- Sussy Soup with regeneration now gets spilled again
- Youmuu Toastblade variants can now properly be upgraded at the wheatstone
- The Pumpkin Witch(Brunhilda) now aggros onto the player correctly again, and also once again detects nearby players she cant see
- Grave structure no longer spawns in rivers or beaches
- The Splinters Axe, when used on spiders, now gives more loot
- Anti-poison Sac obtained from The Splinters Axe now works properly
- Saturation potion is more...less bad
- Drinking Void Juice no longer forces the player to forever leave the mortal plane...just for a little bit
- Activating the Portable Mushroom house is now more responsive, and should no longer sometimes bug out and not let the player trigger the objective associated with it
- Blood Imbue now hax 9 max charges for any given item, from 4. It also can no longer be used on an item at max charges, which previously wouldn't give the player any more charges on the weapon but still take the health cost
- Elite Zombies/Skeletons that reset after the start of a new day starts no longer keep their old names
- Stripmine zombies work again, and recieved a few tweaks to make it more consistent than before
- The toggle hardcore override no longer fails to function if activated in the nether/end dimensions
- Spectator Blindness now works again. If you hate this, use the override function(/function override)!
- Fixed a bug where spectators were being teleported inside any block instead of only solid blocks - Also added a bunch of new blocks to the block tag list
- Sinkholes now display subtle ash particles around them when the player comes close
- The Blind Rage spell now gives Speed II instead of Speed I, and nearby enemies will now glow during the effect. The persistent wither and the heal-on-kill effects have been removed
- Lucky Diamond Armor is now more common from loot chests. Still rare, but not hideously rare
- Eye of the Void now has a chance to give Ender-Tipped Arrows
- Certain items/modules no longer work when dead
- Cobble Gen and Xp to Bottles spells can now be found in the spell page loot tables
- Crafting recipes for Leads/Totem of Undying now show up by default
- Added a few of the new blocks to Nether Corruption

Final Note:
...this was a doozy.

Check out the structures-only version of the datapack here: https://www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/kyu-and-q-s-structures-utilities-homes-and-creations-1-19-structures-datapack-boss-fight/

Until the next update - Stay baggy, funcheese.

If you have any questions, feedback, bug reports, etc. about SUHC, or want to follow its development, Join our discord! - https://discord.gg/MPsTcvu.

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05/06/2024 3:42 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Notmyrealname's Avatar
Just wanted to say that this datapack has way less traction then it deservers. Good job on it, I've been following the development for like the past 3 years and it's crazy how much effort this datapack has
05/19/2023 11:53 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
dadgn's Avatar
can I make it so the changes only apply if I choose it?
05/22/2023 7:38 am
Level 43 : Master Magical Girl
Kyu_And_Q's Avatar
We try to have a fair bit of options so one could turn off and on things they don't like. However we haven't made options for everything. If there is something in particular you want to turn off I am sure we could figure out how to help you. We respond a lot faster (usually)in our discord server https://discord.gg/MPsTcvu
12/20/2022 1:05 am
Level 1 : New Miner
MCGCast's Avatar
Just added this and the skeletons are dropping way too many arrows... Do you know why?
12/20/2022 3:18 am
Level 1 : New Miner
MCGCast's Avatar
Is there a way to prevent the datapack from clearing our inventory? I don't wanna lose stuff here..
05/10/2023 7:51 am
Level 43 : Master Magical Girl
Kyu_And_Q's Avatar
We answered in the discord, but we will answer here for anyone wanting to know. If you die and wish to re spawn with all your stuff for whatever reason the command '/function minecraft:imafilthycheater'
08/10/2022 11:07 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
noonanaena830's Avatar
07/10/2022 11:36 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
noonanaena830's Avatar
will it be update for 1.19?
love this datapack
08/02/2022 10:22 am
Level 43 : Master Magical Girl
Kyu_And_Q's Avatar
It will be very soon, we hope to get it out in a week or two. No promises on exact time though.
09/25/2021 3:15 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3457872G's Avatar
Hi, any fixes on day progression not working ? Every new day and night it shows: (You are on Night/Day 0).