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Reduce lag TPS ! Réduit les lags TPS ! [ Matlyce'Optimisation ] [ MINECRAFT DATAPACK 1.16.X ]

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Matlyce avatar Matlyce
Level 58 : Grandmaster Network

EN :

Hey, this datapack allows you to optimize your world / server in a consistent way.

Indeed, with to this datapack, you will often reach 20 TPS if you ever have lag problems!


- Download the datapack

- Put the datapack in your world (... / world / datapack /)

- Type /reload and it's all! (need to be in creative mode, and operator)


To access the configuration menu simply run the command /reload OR if you want to access it without having toreload the server, do /function utility: load

(you must be an operator and creative mode)

Click on the button in the chat to enter the Main MenuPlace your cursor on the different options to know what they are used for!and change them according to what you want!


FR :

Hey, ce datapack vous permet d'optimiser votre monde / server de façon conséquente.

En effet avec ce datapack vous atteindrez souvent les 20 TPS si jamais vous aviez des problèmes de lag !

Installation :

- téléchargez le datapack

- placez le datapack dans votre monde (.../world/datapack/)

- Faites /reload et c'est tout ! (nécessite d'être opérateur et d'être en créatif)

Configuration :

Pour accéder au menu de configuration exécutez simplement la commande /reload OU si vous souhaitez y accéder sans avoir à Reload le serveur, faites /function utility:load

(vous devez êtres opérateur et en créatif)

Cliquer sur le bouton dans le tchat pour rentrer le Main MenuPlacez votre curseur sur les différentes options pour savoir à quelle elles servent!et changez les en fonction de ce que vous voulez !

Creditby Matlyce
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17

1 Update Logs

Update V1.1 : by Matlyce 05/15/2021 8:32:54 amMay 15th, 2021

FR :

- Ajout de la possibilité de désactiver l'optimisation (en cas de problème de Freeze des entités, cela corrigera le problème).


- Added the ability to disable optimization (if there is a problem with Entity Freeze, this will correct the problem).

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06/22/2022 1:46 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
Nordery avatar
Est-ce fonctionnel la 1.18.2 ?

Merci par avance ^^
05/16/2021 12:29 am
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Botanist
Hashs avatar
Given the amount of @e selectors this pack uses tickly I doubt it will do anything good for your TPS. Notably, every mob in the world checks every entity in the world twice per tick, which could add up to hundreds of @e checks per tick. Datapacks really cannot reasonably optimize TPS since they're so inefficient to begin with.
11/04/2020 9:49 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Kelevra7 avatar
This datapack doesn't freeze entities and anything like that, right? I already tried a ClearLag datapack and all entities in a chunk were frozen :(

If your datapack doesn't create any problems for my entities, maybe install it.
08/13/2020 1:12 amhistory
Level 1 : New Crafter
Ezero2 avatar
Can you explain in detail what does your datapack, I dont speak french sorry, I cant really understand what you explain in your video

what does the levels of optimization do?

there are other datapacks that do the same as yours, what is different on yours?

there is a way to exclude entities? because I have NPC with NoIA and I dont want it to be changed
08/14/2020 5:04 am
Level 58 : Grandmaster Network
Matlyce avatar
Hello, my datapack allows you to disable the AI ​​of entities not visible to players, so the server no longer processes them.
The optimization levels are from 1 to 5, the closer the level is to 5, and the more the optimization is consequent, if you activate the automatic optimization the server automatically decides on the optimization to bring to the server according to the numbers of players.

No problem for the villagers (pnj) because they are not counted in the optimization (no risk of them being changed)

In addition, the datapack to optimize the game, they deactivate collisions when too many entities are positioned on the same block, thus drastically reducing the calculation of collisions for the server (only works on passive entities).

And I remind you in case but all the options are configurable (even in English!) When you do /reload and you are creative / spectator (you need to be an operator)
08/13/2020 1:23 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
Spiralt avatar
it optimizes minecraft or something around that
08/13/2020 1:28 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
Ezero2 avatar
Thanks I didnt figured out that, I can leave happy
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