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MC_Silver, The New Raider mob by SAMEER_99 (Optifine Required)

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Required Resource Pack
SAMEER_99 avatar SAMEER_99
Level 42 : Master Nether Knight
So I made my friend MC_SIlver spawn in minecraft with different stats. MC_Silver is a raider mob so he will spawn in raids only. (not in mansion, not in pillager outposts.) This datapack requires optifine.

This datapack is only compatible if used it single. It will cause problems if you used this datapacks at the same time:-
Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft by SAMEER_99 [​Optifine Optional] Minecraft Data Pack (planetminecraft.com)
If you used any of the above datapack at the same time it will corrupt your world. Either this, or the above ones.
Also download the required resource pack. It will take some time to make both of them not corrupt each other.


Mob Name:- MC_Silver
Mob Type:- Raider (illager)
Health:- 25
Weapon:- Diamond Sword (Drop:- 25%)
Armor:- Full Chainmail Armor (No drops)
Speed:- 0.4 (Fast)
Hostile to:- Villagers, Iron golems, Wandering traders, and players. [​Snow golem only if provoked]
Favourite Target:- Villager

My Discord Server:-


/function mcsilver:summon/mc_silver
/function mcsilver:summon/mc_silver_rider
/function mcsilver:summon/mc_silver_leader
/function mcsilver:summon/mc_silver_leader_rider


/function mcsilver:give/spawn_egg/mc_silver
/function mcsilver:give/spawn_egg/mc_silver_leader

Unzip the datapack file if its written "unzipme" on the file. How to unzip? Right click> Click on Extract Here. And put that extracted folder in .minecraft/saves/<world_name>/datapacks

Once you download the required resource pack, just put it in .minecraft/resourcepacks.
Launch the Minecraft game Optifine version (1.16 to 1.17). Go to Options > Resource Packs > Click on the play button of mc_silver_texture.zip. And you are done. Open the world where you installed the datapack and type /reload.


This datapack is created by me and texture pack by MC_SIlver so don't ever think of copying my datapack on any other site and on this site too. And if you want to display my datapack on YouTube videos then, leave a link to this site in description. And if you found a bug, go to comments section and fill your questions and bug reports in it or join my discord and ask me.

CreditThanks for making the texture pack MC_SIlver.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 07/22/2021 1:58:33 amJul 22nd

Made the datapack compatible with other datapacks. Work on zombie apocalypse datapack is currently going... Its still not compatible with zombie apocalypse. Made some improvements. You will be able to stack the illager banner with mc silver's banner now. And forgot what did i fix lol.

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07/22/2021 2:23 am
Level 40 : Master Nerd
Pleasenotme avatar
Lol nice job!
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