Metal Burns Players (Fantasy Creature Trait)

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                  avatar TheGayerest4264
                  Level 44 : Master Princess
                  This is a part of my ongoing Fantasy Creature Trait Series, which you can find here.

                  This pack makes certain players get hurt if they wear metal, eat golden food, or mine golden blocks, simulating the life of a Werewolf or Fairy. To designate that someone is metal weak type "tag <name> add metal_weak".
                  The following cause you to take wither damage:

                  - Wearing Chainmail, Iron, Gold, or Netherite Armor
                  - Eating Golden Carrots or Apples
                  - Mining Iron, Gold, or Netherite blocks or ores
                  - More might be added, but I think it is currently well balanced

                  This pack is great for hardcore players that need a bit of challenge. It makes the overworld tougher by stripping you of mid and late game armor, and makes the nether tougher by giving you no defense against the piglins. Not to mention combat with other players would end poorly, as golden apples and armor are no longer viable.

                  FUTURE PACKS IN THIS SERIES:
                  - Flight
                  - Gills (Loses breath out of water rather than in)
                  - A specific selector where you can choose your race when you start (Races are combos of one or more traits)
                  - Possibly more

                  New Combinations:
                  Eternal Hunger + Metal Weakness = Werewolf
                  - Eternal Hunger + Metal Weakness + Burns in Sunlight = Vampire
                  CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

                  08/16/2020 10:49 am
                  Level 11 : Journeyman Pokemon
                  Another cool trait datapack from you! Good work!
                  08/16/2020 10:54 am
                  Level 44 : Master Princess
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