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MIDWUT v1.2 for 1.14-1.18.2

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Antoha256M avatar Antoha256M
Level 59 : Grandmaster Mage
"MIDWUT" stands for "Most Important Datapack With Useful Tools".

The datapack is intended mainly for datapackers.
It is forbidden to copy the functions of the datapack to other datapacks! The MIDWUT needs to be used as a third-party kernel!

All the functions of the MIDWUT are located on the path: function midwut:help/...
To understand how to use any tool, you need to look at the comments in the function itself!

The datapack contains the following functions:
WASD Detector;
function midwut:help/wasd/go       — main function;
function midwut:help/wasd/go_with_title — additional function (the pressed wasd buttons will be displayed on the screen).
Mathematical functions;
Raise a number to a power;
function midwut:help/math/degree
Square root extraction;
function midwut:help/math/root
scoreboard players get NUM* const
Trigonometric functions
function midwut:help/math/trig_func/sin/sin
function midwut:help/math/trig_func/cos/cos
function midwut:help/math/trig_func/tg
function midwut:help/math/trig_func/ctg
function midwut:help/math/trig_func/sec
function midwut:help/math/trig_func/cosec
Turn any block into a falling block;
function midwut:help/block_in_entity/go
function midwut:help/check/sky
Randomizer of any range of numbers;
function midwut:help/random/get
Custom Damage(only on versions >=1.16)(the function works automatically);
function midwut:help/damage/go
function midwut:help/damage/additionally/test_hp_out — function to check the output hp quantity.
Get the player's nickname(only on versions >=1.15)(both in string format and in json);
function midwut:help/player_nickname/get
Convert string data type to json(only on versions >=1.15);
function midwut:help/string_to_json/get
Get a vector from a view;
function midwut:help/vector/entity
function midwut:help/vector/scores
Version check(performed automatically);
function midwut:help/get_version/get
Custom dimension for calculations;
execute in midwut:void/math
Storage for moving and temporary storage of data;
data get storage midwut:main
Ticking functions;
you can add your function to the ticking function tag in your data package and your function will be executed automatically after a few ticks.
all possible tags of ticking functions can be found at data/midwut/tags/functions/ticks/
/function #midwut:ticks/
A variety of useful predicates and tagsof blocks/items/entities.

As I said above, the functions of the datapack cannot be copied to other datapacks, and if you want to ask, add or change something, then write to me in...
Discord: @Antoha v2.0#4995
Telegram: @Antoha256M
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.14
toMinecraft 1.18

3 Update Logs

Update v1.2 : by Antoha256M 05/26/2022 4:06:17 amMay 26th

* Added ticking functions, each with its own period;
* Added predicates for checking looking_at (player, any mob, villager, tags midwut.angry_at, midwut.looking_at and midwut.target)
* Added a function to check the output hp count: /function midwut:help/damage/additionally/test_hp_out
* Added predicates tag_midwut.looking_at and tag_midwut.target to the check/angry_at/ tab
* Fixed bugs with turning a command blocks into to entity;

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06/06/2022 5:11 am
Level 1 : New System
FaFo- avatar
so if i just install this the damage in 3d guns will work? or should I run some commands?
05/08/2022 3:53 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
FairyZelz avatar
круто, очень круто.
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