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Level 51 : Grandmaster Miner
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Looking for the mobs from the Minecon / Minecraft Live mob vote? They aren't out yet, but this pack exists in the meantime! No OptiFine required!

This pack adds the new mobs from the Minecon / Minecraft Live mob vote. This includes the Moobloom, Iceologer, and Glowsquid. It also includes some mobs from past mob votes. I will soon add the mobs from older Minecon mob votes, such as the Monster of the Ocean Depths, Vultures, and Frogs.

The Moobloom is a golden cow with yellow flowers growing on its back. Upon death, it will drop dandelions and beef. However, that is not all this mob is useful for! Feeding it wheat will cause it to move swiftly while spawning dandelions at its feet if the block below is grass.

The Iceologer (also called the Chillager) is a new hostile illager variant that trudges through high, snowy mountains. Unlike in Minecraft: Dungeons, the Iceologer can also attack via melee to add an additional spice to its challenge. Its primary attack is by spawning a cloud above your head that condenses into an ice cube and drops on your head. Getting hit by this ice cube will give you mining fatigue and sometimes slowness, along with taking a small chunk of your health away.

The Inferno, formerly called The Hovering Inferno, is a blaze variant. The mob was canned from the 1.13 mob vote which ended in phantoms winning. It will spawn alongside blazes and it has a deadly fire attack! It will begin to emit lava particles before quickly bursting out flames into the nearby surroundings.

The Glutton, formerly called The Great Hunger, is a new cave mob with a huge appetite. Be careful while mining, as this quiet creature will sneak up on you and eat nearby items. Though it does have a limit between eating items, it is still dangerous as there are no limits to what this mob can eat (give feedback in the comments)!

The Warden is a new mob that will be in 1.17, the Caves and Cliffs update. However, I backported it before the update was/is even out. As a creature of the depths, it has no need for light. Instead, this mysterious, hulking creature will sense vibrations through the air. Moving too fast or being too close will alert it of your presence and hitting it will cause it to permanently lock on along with gaining a speed boost. In 1.17, it will follow any sounds that play, but datapack limitations exist.

These are in the 1.16.5 version of the pack, but no longer in 1.17, as their normal versions have already been added to the game.

The Axolotl is a new mob that will be in 1.17, the Caves and Cliffs update. Due to there being no ocean caves where mobs can spawn in 1.16, Axolotls spawn anywhere in deep oceans for now. The Axolotl may look cute, but it is a very vicious enemy to Guardians. They can be picked up with a water bucket and will regenerate health if in a bucket or left alone for 30 seconds.

The Goat is a new mob that will be in 1.17, the Caves and Cliffs Update. Goats will spawn on mountains. At the moment, they do not attack you, but when bred, they produce two offspring which makes them a more sustainable food source. In the future, if I figure out how to, goats will knock you off of cliffs and be hostile towards cows, sheep, and other livestock. They will also be able to jump higher, so be sure to build a higher fence or pen for when I eventually update.

The Glowsquid is a squid variant. Though the mob in Minecraft: Earth does not do anything special, I have given it new features. It drops Ink Sacs and sometimes Prismarine Crystals upon death. When attacking the Glowsquid, it will let off a beam of light. Being within this beam will briefly give you night vision, but also glowing for a much longer duration, which will allow other mobs to see you through walls and track you through larger ranges.

🥚Spawn Eggs🥚
Since we can't add custom spawn eggs to the inventory without mods, you have to type /function mcmobs:spawn_eggs to obtain the spawn eggs in game. (They also spawn naturally)

📝Disclaimer / FAQ📝
• This datapack does not require OptiFine, though it can be used with the latest version.
• I will not make an OptiFine version of this datapack.
• This datapack will add more mobs in the future, such as Mob A, vultures, frogs, flower hat zombies, etc..
• Mooblooms cannot breed.
• If the mobs show as dandelions, install the resource pack.

• 1.16.5 version's AI may not be the best. Mob breeding is also buggy. It will not be further updated as it is deprecated.
CreditSome textures are created by Mojang and are ported from Minecraft: Dungeons and Minecraft: Earth. Others are based on sketches by Mojang, but are by me.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17

9 Update Logs

Update 7-7-21 - Optimisation and Fixes : 07/07/2021 6:06:09 pmJul 7th

The datapack has been updated once again! This update adds many fixes, namely fixing up the Warden and Iceologer to work again. This update also removed some deprecated code, and MAJORLY optimised the datapack, meaning you'll experience less lag. It's not perfect, and it wasn't that bad before, but it is better now.


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07/24/2021 8:01 amhistory
Level 3 : Apprentice Crafter
BeckBroEYTube avatar
Can You Please Add Custom Drops With Custom Powers, Old Infdev Mobs That Got Removed, Warden's Cabin And Minecraft Earth Mobs?


I Know Its A Super Hard Work To Do, Im Very Good With Commands And I Can Help You With This. Are You In?
07/24/2021 3:52 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Miner
Hinge avatar
Uh, sorry to crush your dreams here...

-I don't know what you're asking for the first one

-Infdev mobs were removed for a reason. I don't know why I've been asked this 4 times, but they were replaced. Pigmen became piglins and villagers, the steve mob became zombies, etc. I'm not re-adding them

-The warden's cabin I do not plan to make as it will cause incompatibilities with every other worldgen datapack. I could, but it's better to just wait 2 months for the real warden

-Minecraft Earth mobs, I already added the Moobloom, the others you can probably find an optifine texture pack to do because they aren't particularly unique, just variants

if you're very good with commands, can't you make it?
07/21/2021 9:39 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
JuanmiCalvo2013 avatar
what version is?
07/22/2021 6:07 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Miner
Hinge avatar

You can download the 1.16 version from the link that says "1.16 version here"
Please read the whole page before asking questions
07/16/2021 8:50 am
Level 23 : Expert Imposter
Rainbow Slime
Rainbow Slime avatar
hovering inferno is also known as wildfire and I remade it on my resourcepack with biome dependant colors
07/12/2021 10:29 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
RandomUs avatar
Can you update Eerie caves to 1.17.1? Because it's so good with the theme of 1.17
07/12/2021 8:17 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
RandomUs avatar
This datapack is so awesome, but i have a question. The 1.17 version of this pack generates the vanilla goat or the goat from the datapack? And it's compatible with the 1.17.1 release?
07/24/2021 8:04 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Crafter
BeckBroEYTube avatar
The 1.17 Version Don't Even Have Goats Cause The Normal Game Has Them Now
07/14/2021 7:38 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Miner
Hinge avatar
If you use the 1.16 version of the pack, goats and axolotls are my versions
If you use the 1.17 version, they use the default minecraft versions
07/12/2021 10:26 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
RandomUs avatar
Also, what happened with the planed mobs of the datapack? The development is going well?
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