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Minecraft but GOD POTIONS Spawn in Every Chest

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    __vort3x avatar __vort3x
    Level 23 : Expert Ranger
    This datapack makes it so that God Potions have a 50% chance to spawn in ANY chest (except villages)

    See God Potion effects in picture
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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    07/01/2022 8:23 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    koka_run avatar
    it doesnt work!
    07/01/2022 8:38 am
    Level 23 : Expert Ranger
    __vort3x avatar
    So what you need to do is put the GodPotionLoot (with the uppercase letters) inside your datapacks folder for you world, because inside that folder you should see- data, pack.png, and pack.mcmeta
    Also this is 1.19 only so make sure your using the right version
    07/01/2022 8:35 am
    Level 23 : Expert Ranger
    __vort3x avatar
    it does. A few things-
    1. First was the file you downloaded extracted?
    2. For some reason the extracted file creates another file inside of that making the file structure look like-
      godpotionloot.zip > godpotionloot > GodPotionLoot
     So if you put the godpotionloot (all lowercase) in the datapacks folder that would also cause it not to work.
    3. There is a 50% chance of god potions spawning in chests (except 0% in villages) so you may have gotten unlucky
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