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Minecraft but I have Anime Powers II

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Minecraft but I have Anime Powers II

Well basically you can get anime powers now!'

How to get the powers?
So to get them you need the 3 gems from 3 dimensions, guess them, Nether star, End Crystal, Heart of the sea
So if you mix them together you will get a Anime apple, but chill don't pick it up!
when you create an anime apple, ANYOTHER ppl in the same world cannot create anymore like there can be ONLY 1 anime apple per world and thats because its so powerful but it only works like that if it has not chosen someone
but once it choose who it wants to eat it (technically you pick it up) it will stick to you, opening any type of storage will kill you, dying also doesn't remove the apple, the apple is so powerful that unless you eat it you will glitch out, basically umm your screen shakes and you move weirdly and hover and stuff its so POWERFUL
then once you ate it you have gotten the anime powers!!!!! have fun with that
but if the apple has chosen you, the ONLY way to get rid of it is to hold Q, open a chest, and carefully place the apple in the chest, LOOK you have to hold Q or you are ded, you still have a chance of dying when you even hold Q, even if you have lifted the curse of choose, the next person that breaks the chest will get the apple being stuck to them

So that was pretty much the recipe and stuff what about powers mwahahaha
So basically from hotbar 1 to hotbar 9 your powers are: Shield, Punch, Fly, Shooter, Drill, Run, Rocket, Knockback, BOMB
which are well explained by their name but you can take a look at the images too

Server/Client Moderations?
Hmm the particles might seem a bit ANNOYING for some ppl
to make the anime apple particle things be gone just do /trigger toggle.player.anime.particles set 0
to make the particles that your powers emit be gone just do /trigger toggle.player.powers.particles set 0
EHM look the particles are not being gone, they exist still and other players can see it but if you forexample disable the powers particle thing you can't see your own particles NEITHER the particles of the enemy but they exist still you just don't see them ye
If you are the server owner and DONT like the particle system AT ALL like you hate every single particle in there you can use this for apple particles: /scoreboard players set server toggle.server.anime.particles 0
and for the powers particles for all players do: /scoreboard players set server toggle.server.powers.particles 0
Look if you make them 0 it won't display for ANYONE no matter what, like it doesn't exist anymore to be even displayed lol

Copyright/Credit rules for Content?
well hehehehehehe now its time for the credit rules mwhahahahahahah: basically the rules are simple if you want to use it in a content, you have to put the link of this page like where you have downloaded this datapack in the description, but for public servers just have fun weirdo who credits a datapack in a server thats just weird, simple enough?

also if you are too bored to remember all these simple things just take a look at your inventory there is a description for all powers in there bruh

Please don't report the bugs of the datapack in the comment section, report them in the discord server, there is a legit channel for it, for real
Please submit your feedbacks and if you liked it or not or advertise your video(that you used the datapack in it) in the comments please I beg ;s

Social media to join (PLEASE)?

Reason for making?
well a long ago I uploaded a datapack called Minecraft but I have anime powers, obv link in my profile, it got 10k views so quick and I was ooo ok nice ppl like this so I made second version, then I had school and stuff bla bla bla and yep I forgot to upload it BUT HERE WE GOO

CreditAmirhossainJ123 the weirdo
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.19

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How do you eat the apple
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