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Minecraft but... its raining slime!

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    connorofford2000 avatar connorofford2000
    Level 67 : High Grandmaster Engineer

    the external link leads you to my website,
    to download : wait 5 seoncds and click skip at top right. easy as pie


    Minecraft But i made slime rain!
    i remade the terraria raining slime in minecraft but there is no boss which i will work on that soon, so far every 5 minecraft days it will start raining slime!

    all slimes dont take fall damage once they spawn, once they hit the ground they become vulnerable again, all slimes drop standard slime drops, and all will glow so you can find where they are, if you dont like the glowing will make a second version with no glowing if it gets to comments saying make no glow version :)

    the slime drop normal slime drops but i think its great as it adds another mechanic to your minecraft world!

    this datapack is available at my profile on plannet minecraft or my website!

    minecraft 1.16.X


    channel: My Channel
    wnat to use this datapack in a video, dont forget to credit me!
    or include www.connorsdatapacks.com in your description :)

    ------------------------------------how to install?----------------------------------------------

    1)open your world folder
    2)drop the zip file in the datapack folder
    3)go onto the world in game and type /reload
    4)Enjoy :)

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    i make all these data packs for free!
    because everyone should enjoy the fun!

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    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

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    05/12/2021 5:12 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Pluto7073 avatar
    You should add a trigger to make it start on command like
    /trigger slimerain or something.
    05/07/2021 5:04 am
    Level 1 : New Explorer
    solocrafters avatar
    Is there a way to make it so it spawns everyday instead of every 5 days?
    05/07/2021 5:30 am
    Level 67 : High Grandmaster Engineer
    connorofford2000 avatar
    Extract the zip file to a folder, name the folder slime rain, open up data then rain then functions then tick then edit the values I mentioned, have fun :)
    05/07/2021 5:06 am
    Level 67 : High Grandmaster Engineer
    connorofford2000 avatar
    Changing the tick value from 60000 to 6000 in the tick.json in the datapack, all 3 of the 60000 need to be 6000.
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