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Minecraft but you lose your mind occasionally

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    One_Nose avatar One_Nose
    Level 54 : Grandmaster Scapegoat

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    This data pack can be installed and scheduled alongside others. The required framework data pack will make sure to alternate randomly between data packs instead of allowing all data packs to be active at once. Make sure to read the instructions on the framework submission page.

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    There are many reasons to get bored by playing Minecraft. But the main reason the first time is the most fun is that you don't know how to play. You make fatal mistakes not because the game is hard, but because you are a noob. This makes the game more difficult and fun, but after you've done a mistake, you won't do it again - simply because you are too smart.

    Are you too smart?

    Did you ever want to be stupid again?

    If the answer is "yes", then this data pack is for you.

    What is this weird thing?

    This data pack makes you lose your mind occasionally, causing you to do fatal mistakes that can absolutely ruin your game. Have fun!

    Mistakes you can do with this data pack
    • Cheat and type /summon minecraft:tnt, blowing yourself up immediately.
    • Stop everything you're doing and dance.
    • Randomly start mining downwards.
    • Place lava in the block you're in.
    • Spend your diamond to craft a jukebox.
    • Use all your flint & steel charges to burn everything around you.
    • Blow yourself up using TNT.
    • Jump into a near lava lake.
    • Jump from a high place.
    • Throw a diamond into lava.
    • Hug a creeper.
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

    2 Update Logs

    You Lost Your Mind! 1.2: Smarter Update : by One_Nose 03/16/2021 10:36:26 amMar 16th, 2021

    • You now lose your mind only every 20, 30 or 40 seconds. Was 10, 15 or 20.
    • Bugfix: Dying during a mind-loss event caused an unused armor stand to remain.
    • Bugfix: Switching scenario during a mind-loss event caused an unused armor stand to remain.

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    03/29/2022 10:51 am
    Level 28 : Expert Pokemon
    LittleDino2022 avatar
    Is this mod the one JeromeASF used for a video?
    even if it’s not, this is an amazing data pack!
    03/29/2022 11:49 amhistory
    Level 54 : Grandmaster Scapegoat
    One_Nose avatar
    Thank you! I appreciate it.

    Apparently yes. I never knew he used my data pack.
    03/29/2022 12:35 pm
    Level 28 : Expert Pokemon
    LittleDino2022 avatar
    I loved his video
    03/20/2021 10:21 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Ymahmoud30 avatar
    that datapack would be like: you lost your mind! you feel like jumping into a raid of zombies on a block high on the sky
    03/17/2021 3:34 pm
    Level 55 : Grandmaster Theorist
    Chimerabot avatar
    It's beautiful.
    03/17/2021 1:21 pm
    Level 1 : New Crafter
    FR Faldow
    FR Faldow avatar
    Good concept. it might be fun to curse players with this in a witchcraft mod
    03/16/2021 11:16 am
    Level 10 : Journeyman Artist
    Chiillzzz avatar
    I like how my mc user is Imlosingmymindd
    03/15/2021 2:15 pmhistory
    Level 67 : High Grandmaster Stack
    Bertiecrafter avatar
    Hey I reviewed your data pack and here's the feedback:
    • The Data Pack Checker flags you on a few things. You do not have "data remove storage one_nose:mcb Chosen" in the uninstall function and the objectives are only considered "prefix" if you add _ to the prefix (e.g. 1nose_MCBEvent)
    • Optional: actually playing survival with TNT on my face every 15 seconds is a bit too chaotic for me XD I'd prefer like 30 seconds or even a minute since a lot of these are deadly.

    check_circle Approved for event on EST 3/16/2021 12:31
    Let me know if you changed something and what it is that you changed =)
    03/15/2021 4:16 pm
    Level 54 : Grandmaster Scapegoat
    One_Nose avatar
    • I didn't remove the storage in the uninstall function because it is always created and removed in the same tick, so it cannot possibly remain after uninstalling. When using scoreboards I generally prefer to use camelCase because of the 16-characters limit, but if it's really critical I can fix it.
    • I get what you mean, though the TNT is only spawns every 20 seconds and only with a 1/3 chance (so it comes out as every minute when the randomization is really random, which never happens, because @r randomization is really awful). I could change it from 200/300/400 ticks to something like 300/450/600 though.
    03/15/2021 4:32 pmhistory
    Level 67 : High Grandmaster Stack
    Bertiecrafter avatar
    • The scoreboard prefix is okay, but I prefer a delimiter to be added next time. All of these characters are allowed: . - _
    • I looked at 200.mcfunction and I have an alternative to the use of storage: Simply tag 1 random armor stand with the "1noseMCBChosen" tag (or whatever) and then check for (e.g.) "@e[​tag=1noseMCBChosen,tag=jump_lava]". Kill all armor stands afterwards. It's a bit nitpicky, so it's okay if you don't want to change it.
    • Perhaps 400/600/800? In my limited testing it seemed to happen all the time, every 20 seconds. As if it's the default action and if I don't do anything special, I will always get the TNT.
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