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Minecraft Shop Datapack 1.13 (has online item generator for easy use)

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    You Can Find The Online Shop Item Generator Here.
    You Can Download An Offline Version Of The Shop Item Generator Here

    Also check out the 2.0 beta version of this datapack.

    This Datapack May Be Able To Compete With Some Server Plugins :D

    I've made some good command block shops back in 2016 and even some tutorials for them, and now I've decided to go even more advanced, and made a Datapack. To make things even easier for you to set up, I created a helpful website which generates a file you can just drag and drop into the datapack under the shops folder. The generator also provides you with the command needed to initialize(allow the datapack to run) your file. The website download also provides you with a custom url, where you can go back and edit your shop items with ease. This datapack also comes with a few trigger commands (which on a server, a plugin can run as a custom command). There are also some separate admin trigger commands, which require a user to have the tag NinjaShopAdmin I tried my best to avoid conflicting tags and scoreboard functions :D The file, you generate on my website also provides you with a command you can run to retrieve the sign. Another bonus on the signs, because the signs run commands(auto filled by the website for you) you can put any text/color/font you want, and it wont conflict with the functionality of the sign. To get around the difficulty with a /pay command, I added in trade coins, which partly use the custom shop. Trade coins can actually be better, since you can put them in hoppers. Since the actual trade coins are in the shop as a basic item(like anything you get from the website) you can go to there custom url, and edit the items all you wan't(apart from the cost, unless you know what your doing). The trade coins can be bought and sold via /trigger command with the number set to the bal you wan't.

    Custom trigger commands:
    (these are /trigger commands that run specific datapack functions)

    Basic Commands:
    anyone can use

    /trigger NinjaShopCMB set 1
    gives players the option to buy from or sell to the last sign they clicked (can be disabled in config settings file)

    /trigger NinjaShopCMB set 2
    tells the player there current balance

    Admin Commands:
    only players with the scoreboard tag NinjaShopAdmin can use

    /trigger NinjaShopCMA set 1
    an admin only command to give yourself a shop sign

    /trigger NinjaShopCMA set 2
    an admin only command that helps you learn how to add new shop items

    /trigger NinjaShopCMA set 3
    an admin only command that gives you the link to the shop item tags you have(or the last sign you clicked)

    /trigger NinjaShopCMA set 4
    an admin only command that allows you to remove scoreboard objectives, shop tags, NinjaShopAdmin tag, and reset the economy. If the buttons don't work, try using /function swiftninjashop:unload/<1 of 4 options> (5th resetmessage option just runs this trigger command)

    Tradecoin Commands:
    anyone can use

    /trigger NinjaShopCMTB set <value>
    gives the player trade coins with a total value equal to the number and removes that value from there balance (checks for valid balance)

    /trigger NinjaShopCMTS set <value>
    takes the player trade coins with a total value equal to the number and adds that value to there balance (checks for valid trade coin count)

    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13

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