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Kirill17 avatar Kirill17
Level 45 : Master Modder
Minor Addons is a pack which aims to add some simple yet highly requested features to the game.

Features such as :

- ender hoppers

- alpha sponges

- xp extractor

- dragon breath

Ender hoppers

They allow for the teleportation of items to a specific hopper within a 8 blocks radius of said hopper. To create it simply throw a ender pearl onto a locked hopper! Ender Hoppers are disabled when locked to!

Alpha Sponges

These bring back the old days when sponges where useful. Sponges now clear a 5by5by5 cube of water and HOLD the water from coming back once placed. To create one just throw a sponge onto the floor(break it to get rid of it). Sponges work as normal when placed!.

XP Extractors

In need for lots of experience but no time to grind and have extra "useless" items laying around? Then create an xp extractor table by throwing an enchanting table onto a crafting table. Once create just throw any item for an xp return on it. Here's a short list:

-golden apples




-nether starts

I'll let you figure out the rest yourself

Dragon Breaths

Need something to do with your plain old dragon breath in a bottle? Hook em up with a dispenser and shoot one out and see what happens ;)


-Download the zip file provided

-Move the file to datapacks folder of your world

-run "/reload" in-game

-Run the command "/function minoraddons:init"

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.14
toMinecraft 1.15

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