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Mob Randomizer by CrappyToast (including passive animal remainer)

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Level 25 : Expert Toast
In order to play this datapack in a standard world you will need a pretty beefy computer, because the amount of mobs will increase fast due to the passive mob cap not being filled up as fast.
I also recommend playing with some sort of graves datapack/mod, as items will be killed when 120 blocks away from any player whilst playing this datapack for performance related reasons.

How to install:
1. Download the datapack .zip folder from this website.

2. Create a Minecraft world, either singleplayer or multiplayer.

3. Navigate to /.minecraft/saves/<your world>/datapacks/

4. Move the ''Last Life Datapack' folder into the 'datapacks' folder, no need to unzip.

5. In Minecraft, enter the '/reload' command and press enter.

6. If you see a message saying "Mob Randomizer by CrappyToast was succesfully loaded!" you have succesfully installed the datapack.

Mob Randomizer:
In this datapack every spawned mob is completely random by replacing a newly spawned mob immediately with one of the mobs in the game.
Please note: sea mobs are not replaced, as this keeps the passive mob cap in check. If you would replace these mobs aswell the passive mob cap won't fill up and your performance will suck.

Mob remainers:
In order to save performance the datapack will remove all mobs 120 blocks away from the player. The game already does this by despawning for hostile mobs, but this datapack also does this for passive mobs.
But most players keep some passive animals around their base, so I created a solution for that.

If you want to keep passive mobs alive in a certain area you can spawn in a mob remainer.
Commands for the mob remainers
/trigger animalRemainer
Spawns in an animalRemainer which will protect all passive mobs in an area of 25 blocks from the animalRemainer.

/trigger animalRemainerRemover
Removes all animalRemainers 50 blocks close to the player that triggers this trigger.

/trigger showAnimalRemainers
Shows all animalRemainers in close proximity to the player or will notify the player if no animalRemainers are nearby.

This datapack has been created and tested in Java 1.19
Older versions of minecraft could also work, but I cannot guarentee this datapack working there.

Multiplayer support:
This datapack supports multiplayer. Just keep in mind that on a server you will need more animalRemainers in order to not lose all your animals when you log out.

Need help with bugs/issues/other?

You can contact me on Discord, Joer#5844, or on reddit, u/MakingYourStuff.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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