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My Hero Academia Datapack [1.14+] [V1.3.1]

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FlinnX avatar FlinnX
Level 41 : Master Mage
This is my My Hero Academia Datapack! Currently, it adds 21 Quirks into the game, including One For All, Half-Cold Half-Hot, Explosion and All For One!

After you unzipped the File, the top File will be the Resource pack and the bottom one will be the datapack. Put the resource pack in your "resourcepacks" folder and the datapack into your worlds datapack folder.

After loading the Datapack successfully, you will see a message. It should look something like this: "Loaded My Hero Academia Datapack [​V?.?.?]" You will see green text that you can click to get the Quirk Activator, the Move Selector, see a list of all Quirks or how to get a Quirk. To get a Quirk, you need to craft a Quirk Injector. Right Click the Quirk Injector to get a Quirk:

Common Quirks (50% Chance / 5 Quirks = 10% for one Quirk)
Invisibility: [​Invisibility]
Become Invisible. While Invisible, you gain Exp.
  You can also make other people around you invisible.

Engine: [​Engine]
While sprinting, you get the speed effect and also gain Exp.

  Use the Recipro Burst to go faster temporarily, however, you can't use your Quirk for a while after that.

Nature: [​Nature]
If you stand on a crop, it will grow faster. The speed and radius of your effect will rise with your level.

Gas: [​Gas]
Create a gas around you that makes people weaker, including you. To counter this Quirk you need to wear a gas mask.

X-Ray Vision: [​XRay]
  You can see all nearby entities through walls!

Uncommon Quirks (30% Chance / 5 Quirks = 6.6% Chance for one Quirk)
Hardening: [​Hardening]
  Get resistance effect and smash on the ground to launch your enemies up in the air.

Decay: [​Decay]
Decay the ground below you and give other mobs the wither effect.

Mind Control: [​MindControl]
Temporarily control the undead. Does not work with players.

Fire: [​Fire]
Set things on fire and leap up in the air with a big explosion!

Weather Manipulation: [​Weather]
Change the weather to your liking. You can even generate wind currents that steer mobs away from you!

Rare Quirks (12% Chance / 3 Quirks = 4% Chance for one Quirk)
Ice: [​Ice]
  You are faster on ice than other people. You can turn water into ice and lava into obsidian. Make an ice shot which slows other mobs down. Summon ice spikes out of the ground that impale your enemies!

Warp: [​Warp]  
  Teleport wherever you want. Spread entities in an area. Teleport behind the nearest entity or use your special technique: Portal Body. If an enemy comes too close to you, it will teleport them behind you

Regeneration: [​Regeneration]
Regenerate any health lost way faster than other people, you will however, become hungry while the quirk is active.

Epic Quirks (5% Chance / 4 Quirks = 1.25% Chance for one Quirk)
Electrification: [​Electrification]
  Summon lightning bolts on the enemies around you or shoot a lightning bolt at high velocities!

Explosion: [​Explosion]
Create a big explosion in front of you or launch tnt around you!

Erasure: [​Erasure]
  Completely disable another person's quirk. Very useful in team ups!

Muscle Augmentation: [​MuscleAug]
  If you want a simple super strength quirk, this one is it! You can also make your muscles into a shield which makes you invincible to any sort of attack. While using the quirk you also get very hungry.

Legendary Quirks (2.5% Chance / 1 Quirk = 2.5% Chance for one Quirk.)
Half-Cold Half-Hot: [​ColdHot]
  Combine all the powers of fire and ice. You also get an ultimate mix-up attack!

Terra: [​Terra]
  Control the Earth to your will. You are faster on dirt and podzol!

Necromancy: [​Necromancy]
  Summon the Undead around you. They will not attack you, only other players.

Mythical Quirks (0.5% Chance / 2 Quirks = 0.25% Chance for one Quirk)
One For All: [​OFA]
One For All lets you use powerful attacks like United States of Smash. You can store up power and use many attacks at once! If you don't want One For All anymore, you can pass it on to another person that will get your stored up power.

All For One: [​AFO]
Steal other people's quirks and get the effects aswell as an attack of those quirks!

After you got the Quirk Activator by clicking on the green text message (you can use your scroll wheel to scroll up the chat if you lost the message), right click it to activate your quirk. Now you can use the Move Selector, which you can also get by clicking on one of the green texts, to select a move by sneaking and it will display you the selected move. Now, let's get to the leveling system. The higher your level, the better your abilities. To increase your level, you need to use your moves, or in the case of the Quirks Invisibility, Regeneration, Gas and Muscle Augmentation, you just need to keep your Quirk active. This will increase your Mastery (Exp) stat, which decides your level.

If you want to give yourself a specific Quirk, open the chat and type in: "/tag @s add [​Quirk Name]" (Without the quotes). If you want to remove the Quirk use the same command but replace "add" with "remove". The [​Quirk Name] is the name behind the Quirk Name in the list. If you want to change your level use the command: "/scoreboard players set @s Mastery [​Exp amount you want]"

Using your moves will set your cooldown, which you can see if you press Tab. The One For All Quirk will not set the cooldown, but will rather add to the cooldown (which can be negative), representing the storing up of power that also happens in the series. When passing on One For All, your One For All will disappear and your current cooldown will be given to the player you want to give One For All.

There are also support items for Quirks like Explosion or One For All. You can see the recipes for all of them in the Images on the top. When you put them into the crafting table, you will see, that it will give you wooden swords. What is important, is that you shift-click them! If you put them in your inventory normally they will revert back to being non-stacked swords!

I want to explain some special Quirks because some might not be very clear.
- You gain Mastery with the Engine Quirk by sprinting.
- The Erasure Quirk only works on Players which have their Quirk activated.
- The All For One Quirk steals Quirks completely and cannot be given back.
- When Selecting Attacks with All For One, you might need to sneak for a longer time to select a given attack (All For One has about 1 attack for every quirk, that's why)
- The Gas Quirk affects everything around you, including yourself, that's why you should get a Gas Mask.
- The Mind Control Quirk can only control the Undead, not players.
- The Summon Lightning attack of the Electrification Quirk summons lightning bolts where mobs are in a radius around you.

If you have any more questions or find a bug, just tell me about them in the comments. This Datapack also works in multiplayer! Have fun using my Datapack!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.14
toMinecraft 1.15

5 Update Logs

Update V1.3.1 : by FlinnX 11/30/2019 4:53:45 amNov 30th, 2019

This is a bug fixing update, so nothing big.

- Fixed: The textures of the Quirk Activator and the Move Selector wouldn't show up
- Changed: The texture for the Move Selector to have transparency instead of being white
- Fixed: Chances (on this post) don't add up to 103% anymore, they are now correct

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08/11/2021 11:36 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3749275G avatar
Please update to 1.16
03/21/2021 12:41 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Skinner
Laynfire avatar
NVM it just wasn't loading
03/21/2021 12:38 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Skinner
Laynfire avatar
Can you make a tutorial on how to use it?
03/21/2021 12:38 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Skinner
Laynfire avatar
Why isn't it working?
12/28/2020 2:15 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
One_for_allYT avatar
how do you use the command to get quirks when ever i try it doesnt do anything
09/30/2020 4:00 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
123kddsde avatar
so is this mod related to the other my hero academia datapack
by MrOminous?
09/29/2020 9:25 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
lzukuMidoriya avatar
Make it mcpack please..
08/17/2020 2:30 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
THEDepresingFox avatar
Una cosa le pondras como un texture pack a este paquete de datos
08/05/2020 3:18 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Viper_1 avatar
by any means would you update this datapack to 1.16.1? thx for the awesome datapack :D
07/28/2020 9:08 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3029193D avatar
Hey!, I made tamaki's quirk on this datapack, if you are interested or you want to include it in here, tell me your e-mail or a contact where I can send it to you!! :D

Quirk name: Manifest


-Takoyaki (an octopus finger that hurts and completely slows enemies as if you were grabbing them)[Long Range]

-Fried Chicken (Gives you elytra as the chicken wings)

-Clams (damages enemies at close range)

-Chimera Kraken (Creates an area of "tentacles" that hurts everyone close at you, it also gives resistance to simulate the shell

What do you think?.... :D
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