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FunkyToc avatar FunkyToc
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Kitten

Ninja Moves [1.19] Minecraft Data Pack

flash_on If using OPTIFINE : Lazy Chunk Loading -> OFF flash_on

Want to be a Ninja ? Or a Parkour Master ? Well, that is possible with a lot of training ! It can fit to an RPG style too !

Ninja Moves allow you to wallrun, crawl, double jump on a wall or climb near everywhere in Minecraft vanilla.
It's multiplayer proof ! (but prefer a small powerfull server, due to the required power)

info Learn how to use those awesome moves with the Ninja Parkour Map !

Effects list

  • Crawl : sneak and look down near a hole. (easy)
  • Soft Landing : sneak and land on wheat, sands, wools, leaves or sponge to reduce falling damage. (easy)
  • Roll : jump from 4 blocks or more and sneak to make a roll on the ground and reduce falling damage. (easy)
  • Climb : sneak in air, looking at the direction of the block to climb. Shift right/left parallel. (medium)
  • Wall Jump : sprint and jump facing a wall to have a quick momentum for a second jump. (medium)
  • Wall Run : sprint parallel to a wall. (hard)
  • NEW Additional climbable: bamboo, chain, fences, iron bars, lightning_rod and buttons.
  • NEW AutoEnableNinjas: you can now decide who is a ninja, and who's not.

Options (premium)

To adjust options to your needs, use :
/function ninjam:options/get

Naruto Style
To get a Naruto style, you have to upgrade the allowed time for wall run (static and dynamic).
/scoreboard players set MaxWallRunTime ninjam.Option 3600
/scoreboard players set MaxWallRunReact ninjam.Option 3600

Fences Update

You can now climb fences, bamboo, iron bars and chains !

- teleporting the player back when running on a wall: this issue is mainly due to low performances CPU or server. Use flatworlds with fiew friends, with low render distance if needed.

- Wall run breaks at an accurate world position: check the chunk's border with F3+B , if it breaks at the chunk limit, this is due to Optifine. Turn off the "Lazy Chunk Loading" option to fix it.
Demo Version
- no option menu
- 1 update per main Minecraft version
- 1.19 blocks unusable for parkour
Ninja Moves [1.19] Minecraft Data Pack
By downloading this work, you automatically accept the license protecting it.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International. An exception is made for video content which can be monetized under the condition of credits attribution according to the license. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/legalcode.

If you create videos, you must add this to your description:
Datapack by FunkyToc : https://funkytoc.fr
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.19

17 Update Logs

1.19 Update : by FunkyToc 06/10/2022 10:35:01 amJun 10th

1.19 blocks added. Minor changes and code improvements.
New updated DEMO version.

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06/09/2022 4:34 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
chunkywayu avatar
will be there a free 1.19 version?

i just need crawling and climbing please (and maybe soft landing), there is no other datapack that adds this functionality :(
06/10/2022 4:19 am
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Kitten
FunkyToc avatar
1.19 version is coming, but the 1.19 blocks will only be usable for parkour on the premium version.
All 1.18 and previous blocks are ok to parkour with the free version!
06/02/2022 10:16 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
pedro9006 avatar
I'm using the free 1.18 datapack from christmas, and wall running seems to not be working as it's suppost to. I keep getting teleported back to the block i was previously on when trying to run, and it overall feels very chunky. I saw that you need to turn off Optifine's Lazy Chunk Loading option to solve it, but i'm not using Optifine, I'm usng sodium. I feel like sodium is the problem, but it doesn't have a Lazy Chunk Loading option, and I need it for game optimizations. Is there an option i have to turn off or on in Sodium to fix the chunky not working wall running?
06/03/2022 3:32 am
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Kitten
FunkyToc avatar
Yes indeed, it's a performances issue. I didn't try to solve it on Sodium yet, but the option might be related to chunk update or something related to block update rate.
04/19/2022 6:05 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Sobe_Veyron avatar
1.17 IS DEAD, so can u drop that version? and add compatibility for 1.16 again? NO ONE PLAYS 1.17, can we get 1.16 back?? please! with slightly better perfprmance? ): pweaaseeeeeeee pweaseeeeeee
04/19/2022 7:34 pm
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Kitten
FunkyToc avatar
download the free version, it's 1.16+
04/20/2022 2:49 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Sobe_Veyron avatar
i understand that but 1.16 doesnt have the newest features like climbing bamboo and stuff
04/21/2022 4:21 am
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Kitten
FunkyToc avatar
oh yes indeed. It won't have it unfortunatly. This would mean a roll back in the code.
04/11/2022 4:35 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4119532G avatar
Is there any way i can download it for 1.18 without paying 10 euros a month?
04/12/2022 5:12 am
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Kitten
FunkyToc avatar
check in Patreon, there is a free post about it.
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