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Op mob wave 4 Op Sticks

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chevalier_nomo's Avatar chevalier_nomo
Level 31 : Artisan Miner
You can go 10000 to 100000 block away from spawn and right click with the Wave Summun Stick it will spawn a wave of op mobs! You pass a cap every 10000 blocks away from spawn every cap the difficulty increase. But why would you do that ? Because the mob in this wave will drop "soul" put them in you hand and it will consume them. every 100 soul consumed you will recieve a stick:

-Heal Stick (heal you by right clicking, is terrebly stong but essensiel in the last wave...)

-Clean Stick (erease all nocive effect you have on you)

-Freeze Stick (freeze the mob in a really close range)

-Debuff Stick (debuff the mob in a small range : weakness, slowness, poison)

-2001 Stick (lauch tnt, but like Spam tnt, take a pair of elytra and you will understand this bad joke... Btw don't try near your base)

To create the Wave Summun Stick drop on the ground:

A nether star, and ender dragon egg, and a netherite hoe (the hoe will be the only item conssumed)

To summun the wave you need to be on solid ground

If the last wave is to easy (Wtf stop cheating?!) you can spam the Wave_Stick... it will spam waves on your ass...

You probably won't be capable of doing this in survival vanilla So download a plugin, datapack or a mod to help you!
I made an EXELLENT plugin that let you up your stat with xp :) I made a datapack version but it's limited and not multiplayer.



You can use my ressource pack to have clean texture for the stick.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.18

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