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Oreborne Origin - Origins (Fabric)

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Overgrown avatar Overgrown
Level 72 : Legendary Botanist
So, you know how throwing swords is cool? Yeah, well now there's an Origin for that... you are welcome

Oreborne datapack is made for the fabric mod, Origins. You must have it for this pack to work. This datapack also uses the Pehkui mod which you must have to get the designed player height.

This Pack Adds:
- Custom Origin

Origin Detail:

Icon: Iron Ore
Impact: remove_circleremove_circleremove_circle
Description: A creature spawned from stone and ores.

Positive check_circle:

- Thrown Weapons: You are able to throw swords at mobs or players. (You cannot get the weapon back) [​Primary]
- Blurred Vision: Your vision gets blurred when you are above ground.
- Defense Up: You have 4+ armor due to your sturdy and strong skin.
- Hot Touch: Your hands are hot enough to smelt certain items at a rate of 4/sec. They aren't hot enough to smelt everything, sadly...
- Undead Allies: Undead mobs don't attack you as you are one of them.

Neutral pause_circle_filled:

- Down in the Mines: You spawn in Mineshaft deep underground.
- Structure: You are 2.5 blocks tall and 1.5 blocks wide.

Negative remove_circle:

- Caveborne: Your normal health is five hearts.
- Just Right: You feel uncomfortable and are unable to sleep. You can only sleep at Y = 0 or lower.
CreditOvergrown (Developer)
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18
toMinecraft 1.19

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08/30/2022 5:16 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Zea768 avatar
sword throw kills everything literally
its a bug for sure
it also destroyed my friends netherite sword
08/30/2022 7:37 am
Level 72 : Legendary Botanist
Overgrown avatar
Yes, I've been trying to fix that bug but no luck so far
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