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[DEPRECATED] Origins Mod: The Darkner (not from deltarune)

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AphoticGoblin avatar AphoticGoblin
Level 34 : Artisan Fish
Requires these mods: Origins and Fabric API.

Dark Tendril: Turn your arm into a black tentacle and shoot it out, pulling whatever is hit by it to you. You have a small window of extra damage to your victim right after they are pulled. If you do not hit any entity, you can sneak to pull yourself to the block you hit. You cannot use this while holding something in your offhand.
Embrace Darkness: You begin to violently shake for a few seconds, and your body turns completely black, entering a form of pure shadow. You deal much more damage and being much faster for 20 seconds.
Close to Home: When at Y 15 or lower you mine faster and giving you regeneration.
Tenebral Glide: When holding space when far enough from the ground you can slow fall.
Dark Surroundings: In the end, you are surrounded by the void, making you faster and stronger.

Shadow Affinity: Your speed depends on the light level.

No Sleep: You can't sleep, but you can still set your spawnpoint.
Unfamiliar: Monsters from this unknown land do not exist in the void where you came from. They deal more damage to you.
Umbral Blood: You cannot drink potions or throw splash potions, as the darkness within your body rejects the effects.
Photophobia: There is no sunlight in the eternal abyss that is your home. You are slowed, weakened and get hungrier in the sun. When you are hungry enough to be unable to sprint in the sun, you start to burn.
Forsaken: The gods of this land reject you. They will not allow you to use the Totems of Undying.

I no longer support this origin.

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

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