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Plague and Crusade - Base/Tower Defense Datapack! Villagers Fight Back!

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UndeadBlock avatar UndeadBlock
Level 29 : Expert Sus
Almost there!
This Datapack is all about making the villagers fight back!
However, they won't move as much, they are scared...

The zombies have suddenly gained a mutation that lets them walk in daylight!
The villagers will have to start a CRUSADE to fight the PLAGUE
or not... I'm not telling you how to play this datapack, bruh.

Warning! This Datapack is still a WIP.
If there are any errors, please dm or reply to this!

As of now, the survival implementation has not been made, so there is no way to get the towers unless through commands
which is : /function pc:eggs
so uhh... yeah... don't expect anything when you play pure survival without commands, except the non burning zombies

Towers can only attack zombies, vindicators, pillagers, ravagers, evokers and vexes


[ Archer ] : Medium Ranged, Low Damage, Shoots down incoming enemies

[ Glacial ] : Medium Ranged, No Damage, Applies slowness to enemies nearby

[ Scout ] : Long Ranged, No Damage, Highlights the nearest enemy by glowing them

[ Cleric ] : Medium Ranged, No Damage, Periodically heals all towers nearby and the player!

[ Sniper ] : Long Range, Medium Damage, Slower reload, but good at taking down single enemies

[ Artillery ] : Medium Range, High Damage, Very Slow, but can instantly kill normal zombies!

[ Reverend ] : Medium Range, No Damage, Periodically summons a totem that stuns nearby enemies

[ Flamer ] : Medium Range, Low Damage, Very Fast, Applies the burning effect to any enemies nearby!

[ Barbarian ] : Low Range, High Damage, Very Fast, A Melee Tower that strikes enemies rapidly

[ Plague Doctor ] : Medium Range, Low Damage, Gives the Withering effect to all enemies in the tower's area

[ Paladin ] : Medium Range, Very High Damage, Another Melee Tower that does very damage to all enemies surrounding it, also slows them down

Quality of Life :

- You can craft name tags using 2 paper and 1 string, this is for an experiment and will probably be removed

Zombie Features :

Zombies no longer burn in daylight, get those towers!

Features to be added :

- Shop system through a mercenary villager

- Zombie Variations
+ Tank - Slow but high health
+ Rusher - Speedy but low health
+ Toxic - gives out the poison effect to any nearby
+ Chief - Gives strength and speed to all nearby zombies
+ Medic - Periodically heals zombies nearby
+ Monarch - Summons baby zombies

This datapack took longer to write than expected, and I will be updating this as soon as possible!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

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03/02/2022 10:31 am
Level 1 : New Network

Like Can You Add RlCrafts Swords Tools Armour etc in 1.18 datapack

It will be very Helpful cuz i m making a server and Rlcrafts Weapons r kinda cool yk

Hope U make it
02/10/2022 8:58 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
MinecraftGamer2004 avatar
I would use this but, For some reason when I try to put it into my data packs it says "Failed to copy packs" If you know how to fix this could you tell me?
02/11/2022 12:08 am
Level 29 : Expert Sus
UndeadBlock avatar
Maybe its the problem within the files, did you unzip the files correctly?

you can recheck it in a youtube tutorial about how to install datapacks

if the problem isnt solved, feel free to tell me about the files in detail and ill try to help as much as possible
01/24/2022 7:00 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Taknax avatar
Hi. You write super datapack. Do you consider a backport to 1.16.5? Would get a plave in my modpack.
01/24/2022 7:09 am
Level 29 : Expert Sus
UndeadBlock avatar
Heyo, I'm pretty sure this would work fine in 1.16.5!

If not, please report to me about the bug and I'll try to fit it for 1.16.5
01/24/2022 7:33 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Taknax avatar
Super nice. I am gonna test and tell you. Thanks.
01/20/2022 1:11 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Crafter
SirUmbrella avatar
01/19/2022 11:14 am
Level 1 : New Miner
random9798 avatar
01/19/2022 8:08 am
Level 29 : Expert Sus
UndeadBlock avatar
Please reply here if you found any bugs!

Also features or ideas to be added!
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