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Player information commands

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Player information commands is a server focused datapack that adds the commands `/trigger help`, `rules`, `info` and `news`, as well as a greeting message that is displayed when you join the server. The contents of all the messages/commands is completely customizable. Your messages can contain all the formatting that's possible in minecraft chat (bold text, colors, hyperlinks etc.), they can contain multiple pages and there's support for disabling any of the commands.

The commands sadly have to be prefixed by /trigger, that's just a limitation of datapacks, but the upside is that it works on all 1.13+ minecraft servers



The installation is pretty much like any other datapack.

  • Download the file from the *'Releases'* tab
  • Place it in the datapacks folder of your world
  • And decompress it using a tool like *tar* or *kde ark*


On a real server you will likely have to do it using a command line.

First obtain the link of the latest release by going to the 'Releases' tab, under assets the file should be called Player-information-commands.tar.gz, right click on it and click copy link address.

cd <serverfolder>/world/datapacks
wget <link>
tar -xf Player-information-commands.tar.gz
rm Player-information-commands.tar.gz

Now log onto the server and enable it with `/datapack enable "file/Player-information-commands"`


The chat content that the players see when logging into the server (the greeting) as well as when using the commands, is completely customizable by you (the server admin). The extracted datapack folder contains 4 .json files, this is where you write the custom content, in the json text format used by minecraft.

If you already know the format, great, write whatever you want. If you don't know the format this website: minecraftjson.com is a great resource for generating the text. Otherwise I've found the minecraft wikis article on the subject is a decent way to learn it if you already know a bit about json.

In order to create multiple pages use this symbol: ↡ to seperate the pages. In order to disable a command simply delete all the contents of the file and save it as empty.

Once you have entered all your desired text run the python script called script.py by opening the folder in a terminal and running the command `python3 script.py`, and now all your custom text will show up in game.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
toMinecraft 1.17

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