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[POC] Database explanation tutorial

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Lordphenex avatar Lordphenex
Level 33 : Artisan Miner
This datapack is a proof of concepts on how you can create databases for your own datapacks. Its main goal is not to be used as it is but rather to present a way of implementing databases within datapacks. You will find much more informations about databases and how this specific implementation works on this thread : [Tutorial] Player specific storage and Databases.
This datapacks provide a simple GUI to understand how the database implementation provided in the article works, by through it going step by step.

Being a proof of concept this work isn't licensed under anything. Feel free to use it as you wish everywhere in your projects.

How to use

When adding this datapack in your world, a default database will be created. You will be able to interact with it through a tellraw GUI.
To activate this GUI, use
/function databases.explanation:mess_with_dataI also recommend to use this command to see how scores are used
/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar DatabaseThen you just need to click on the buttons and go through an array search.

When you want to uninstall the datapack, use
/function databases.explanation:uninstall
And that's pretty much all.

Hope this helps you !
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
toMinecraft 1.19

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